Here's a Playroom That's Making Us Wish We Were Still Kids

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When you're sitting behind a desk on a summer afternoon, and an ice-cold refreshment is more likely to be a happy hour drink than a post-play Popsicle, it's hard not to feel nostalgic about being a kid in the summer. And as much as adults can daydream about those long-gone carefree days spent outside, we're thinking about all of the ways we would've had a blast in this original playroom by @changandco. Honestly, have you ever seen a more inventive place for little ones to break loose? The angles of the room's slanted ceilings are even more embellished with a black border and eye-catching crosses that dot the room in a uniform pattern. Gray cushions complement that raven shade on the floor, stretching the entirety of a wall. Then, those pillows! A multi-colored assortment of cushions in various squares play into the straight lines of the space, while showcasing a smile-inducing sense of whimsy. Plus, the yellow sconces overhead promise that more can be done here than a pillow fight. Finally, a simple pair of swings take advantage of the high ceilings, and add even more texture and color to the design. It's a creative example that any space can provide inspiration — just as every kid knows that there's always a way to have fun.

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