How to Anchor a Hammock Chair Inside a House

One of the advantages of a hammock chair over a traditional hammock is that it can be hung just about anywhere. While it is difficult to hang a traditional hammock inside your house, you can hang a hammock chair from a ceiling joist, and enjoy the chair no matter what the weather is like outside.

Choose the strongest spot in your home to hang the hammock chair.

Step 1

Use a stud finder to locate the exact center of a ceiling joist inside your home. The ceiling joist can provide the strength needed to hang the hammock chair, and hold the combined weight of you and the chair.

Step 2

Drill a hole approximately 5 inches deep perpendicular to the ceiling. The hole should be placed directly in the center of the ceiling joist for maximum weight-bearing capacity.

Step 3

Screw an eyebolt into the hole you just drilled. Do not stop turning the eyebolt until all of the threads are seated into the hole. Check the tightness of the eyebolt before hanging the hammock chair, and before you sit in it every time.

Step 4

Tie an overhand knot through the S-hook that came with the hammock chair. Use the two overhead ropes that came with the chair, taking care to maintain an equal length on each rope.

Step 5

Place the large S-hook through the eyebolt and hang the chair. Insert the dowel rods into the dowel sockets until they are firmly seated. The longest dowel goes at the top of the hammock chair. The two other dowels go next to the arm rests.

Step 6

Pull on the hammock chair to make sure it can support your weight. Pull the ropes to tighten the knots; then sit down in the chair and swing lightly.