13 Gift Wrap Ideas We're Stealing From Instagram

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It's so close to being that time! Hopefully, your tree is up and your gifts are purchased, which means that you've got plenty of time for wrapping. Give your presents a truly magical treatment by adding thoughtful flourishes and stellar color combos. These gems from Instagram should serve as perfect inspiration. And, if you're stumped on where to buy unique wrapping paper, just check our guide here.


1. Stick a sprig of dried roses into your packaging — they can preserve the stem in a bud vase.

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2. Use paint, bows, and cutouts to create fun reindeer faces on kraft paper.

3. If you've got some ho-hum kraft paper or plain tissue paper, take some paint to it to create abstract designs.

4. Go eco-friendly by wrapping a gift in plaid cloth.

5. Give a gift a personalized touch by finishing it off with a red wax seal.

6. You don't need to do a vertical-horizontal ribbon wrap to make a gift look great. Try just going horizontal.

7. Add a piece of faux holly cut out from felt.

8. All you need is some spare printer paper and a sharpie to make a little fox face on a loved one's present.

9. Put a bell (or two!) on it!

10. Blue ribbon + red berries + mini ornament = perfection.

11. Nothing wrong with getting matchy-matchy and staying within one color scheme.

12. Add a crafty mini wreath to your packaging.

13. Here's a cheap DIY addition to up your gift game: dried citrus.

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