23 Surprisingly Easy Last-Minute Holiday DIYs

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Are you as surprised as we are with how fast the holiday season has come upon us? If you're feeling a bit behind in the decorating department, we have these easy last-minute DIYs that you can do in an afternoon, a day, or a weekend. No special skills are required. All you need is just some good old-fashioned holiday spirit.


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1. Make an advent calendar using an IKEA pegboard.

2. Put together ornaments using natural materials, like cinnamon sticks and oranges.


3. Create mini wreaths made with rosemary for your table.

4. Design a winter forest using wood beads.


5. Make wreaths from wire and natural materials.

6. Build a Christmas tree centerpiece using cardboard cones.


7. Up your gifting game with dried floral present toppers.

8. Make a paper tree advent calendar.


9. Go rustic with a grapevine wreath.

10. Wrap up garland with rope and yarn.


11. Put together brass pipe himmeli ornaments.

12. Set up a winter holiday terrarium.


13. Make your own mistletoe.

14. Go minimalist with brass ornaments.


15. Set a Scandinavian holiday table.

16. Create a chic gold hoop wreath with eucalyptus.

attaching greenery to a brass hoop to make a diy wreath
Image Credit: Maya Marin
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17. Wrap gifts with foliage and fabric.

18. Design raw wood ornaments.

19. Make a table runner from eucalyptus.

a table runner made from bunches of eucalyptus branches studded with tapers
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20. Create ornaments from paper.

21. Add trim to a stocking for boho appeal.

22. Design ornaments with air dry clay.

23. Create a cute Christmas table for kids.