8 Contemporary Christmas Decorating Ideas That Are Winter Wonderland Approved

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When it comes to choosing a theme for your Christmas decor, there are seemingly endless options that will suit your home. From midcentury to rustic to traditional, gone are the days of everyone following the classic red and green palette. If your home leans toward contemporary style (i.e. what's currently on-trend — not to be confused with modern style!) then steering away from overly traditional or farmhouse ideas is your best bet for creating a cohesive holiday display.


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If you're not quite sure what contemporary style entails, just think of it as the aesthetic you see most often while shopping at big box stores. Contemporary means "right now" so the style actually changes with time, and can even reference styles from the past.

Ready to deck the halls? Ahead, we're sharing eight contemporary Christmas decorating ideas to make your home a winter wonderland you won't soon forget.


Image Credit: Amber Thrane

In place of your usual artwork above the fireplace, swap in a gallery wall of wreaths in different sizes to create a contemporary spin on the traditional display. To recreate this style, try varying the types of leaves and fullness of each wreath for added interest.


2. Ditch red and green.

Take a note from this holiday home designed by Mel Bean Interiors, and showcased on The Everygirl, and opt for jewel tones in place of traditional red, green, and gold. Bringing in garland and ornaments with colors that already exist within your home allows the entire space to feel festive, yet cohesive and calm.


3. Add greenery to light fixtures.

Greenery is easily one of the simplest ways to add holiday cheer to any room in your home, and Alaina Kaczmarski's dining room is picture-perfect proof. Turn your current lighting into a luminous feature by weaving Christmas foliage in and around each fixture.


4. Opt for bay leaf garland.

Image Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

Rather than rustic evergreens that look like they were plucked from the forest, opt for chic bay leaf greenery that lends a cleaner, more contemporary vibe. To recreate this mantle display, anchor each side of the fireplace with large tapers in varying heights, alongside cozy knit stockings.


5. Display festive and charming tchotchkes.

Utilize accent tables to bring in contemporary Christmas decor like a simple holiday village. Incorporating chic coffee table and lifestyle books into the mix, as seen here by the team at Studio McGee, helps the festive additions blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room.


6. Deck the doorways.

We're all about infusing the holiday spirit wherever possible, which makes this contemporary Christmas decor idea an easy go-to, no matter the size or layout of your home. Follow Erin Francois' lead by adding ample mixed greenery to doors and hallways (which also goes a long way when looking to add an extra dose of texture and color).


7. Adorn bedroom windows with mini wreaths.

Far too often we neglect the bedroom when it comes to Christmas decor, but this contemporary sanctuary by Sarah Richardson Design shows even the smallest details can make a big difference. Adding mini wreaths to the windows in your sleeping quarters not only feels festive indoors, but it also adds a cheerful view from the street!

8. Add a tray of ornaments to kitchen countertops.

We love this contemporary Christmas decor idea from Annie of Zevy Joy. Followe her lead and utilize an overflow of tree ornaments by adding them to a tray or bowl that lives on a kitchen countertop. It's a simple yet stylish way to add the perfect dose of cheer to the heart of your home. And to avoid a look that reads as messy or cluttered keep all of the ornaments uniform.