Modern Christmas Decor Ideas That Put a Twist on Tradition

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Every year, many of us tend to take out our traditional holiday decor and deck the halls in more or less the same way. It's a wonderful way to make memories and is something we all look forward to, but sometimes, shaking things up and creating new traditions when hanging your wreath and trimming that tree is just what your yuletide needs. Refresh your holiday decor and celebrations with these modern Christmas decor ideas, and start some novel (and on-trend) traditions while you're at it.


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1. Add an unexpected color.

Reds and greens are the predominant Christmas colors we turn to year after year. But why not express your holiday spirit with something surprising like a few pops of pink in different shades? Whether it's for a festive feast or a cool cocktail party, a pretty pastel palette (like this one from Sugar and Cloth) is sure to put a whole new spin on the holidays.


2. Be elegantly low-key.

Instead of pulling out all the stops with twinkly lights and tinsel, take an elegantly low-key approach with some simple greenery like The House of Silver Lining did. This sweet touch will add just the right amount of modern Christmas decor without overdoing it.


3. Use what you have on hand.

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Work with what you have! Take simple glass vases, and deck them out with a festive touch of florals. This holiday look is chic and charming, but it won't dominate your decor. Plus, it's super easy to refresh the foliage all season long — especially if you can forage for trimmings you have in nature near you.


4. Try an unconventional tree.

Instead of going with a traditional tree, try something new like this Scandinavian-inspired one. The simple wood construction can even been done as a DIY. Then, once you hang neutral ornaments that work well with modern decor, you're done. It's that simple, but still looks festive and chic.


5. Create a new centerpiece.

Lose the holly and evergreens, and go with a centerpiece that's strikingly chic like this easy-to-make masterpiece from Hunker contributor Sara Albers. It's proof that when it comes to modern Christmas decor, less is more.


6. Upcycle.

Use either reclaimed wood or cardboard to create a Christmas tree that can be installed on any wall. It'll be a cool rustic look for the holidays. Plus, an upcycled beauty like this can work in any space, big or small. Take a cue from DIY Huntress and make it yourself.


7. Reach for cane and leather.

If you're looking for a neutral take on Christmas decor, make these eye-catching cane and leather trees. They're wonderful for adding texture and warmth to your home, not to mention ideal for using up leftover materials from past cane projects. For an insta-ready setup, create a cluster of trees in different sizes and style them with simple greenery.


8. Celebrate with clay.

Often, the best projects are the simplest, and these DIY clay Christmas trees are the perfect example. Simply roll out a sheet of clay, add texture, and form it into a cone. Once baked and cooled, you'll have a set of mini Christmas trees that can be painted to match your existing decor.