Christmas Tree Themes That Add a Festive Twist to Tradition

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There's an important decision to make every year when you're trimming the Christmas tree: Do you continue with your usual holiday decor, or try something new and unexpected? And where should you even start? Do you get artsy with an artificial fir, or pick a potted evergreen option? Are your ornaments vintage or color-coordinated with your decor? Once you get the basics down, why not consider a Christmas tree theme that says something about you, your family, and your unique sense of style?


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From minimalistic to all-out ornamental, here are some Christmas tree ideas that will inspire you to bring a new twist to the holidays.

1. Lean into Halloween.

Sure, Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. But why not forgo the usual evergreen look and keep it fun (and just a little spooky) with a Halloween-themed tree like Emily of Oh Em Yeah? Hers actually has black faux pine needles that are festive but still quite chic.


2. Explore the rainbow,

If you're leaning towards a simple but colorful live tree, be super selective with your ornaments. Grab Christmas bulbs that stick to the classic shades of the rainbow, or even ones that explore tertiary colors, like Amber Oliver did here. Just make sure to hang them all baseed on their shades.


3. Go for super glam.

If you're one of those people who likes to go big when it comes to holiday decor, this over-the-top gold pompom tree from Orlando Soria's condo may inspire you. Believe it or not, gold can be a neutral shade that works in a lot of rooms. And if you have a high enough ceiling, why not go as big as you can? No water needed.


4. Do something pretty, festive, and pink.

Sure you can get real trees flocked in any number of colors, but faux options come in super chic shades, too. If you like to keep those rose-colored glasses on when it comes to the holidays, do your thing with a pink tree like this one from West Elm. Keep your ornaments in the same shade or add some silver and gold for a little more glam.


5. Keep it real.

There's nothing like the scent of pine inside your home during the holidays. If you have a neutral room like this one, a simple green tree and garland with clear lights is really all you need to keep it real and festive.


6. Consider a white Christmas.

Artificial trees have become more and more popular in recent years. You can pick one in a color that makes a design statement or just speaks to your need for a crisp, white aesthetic. We love this cool tree that doesn't feel too clinical from Sarah Sherman Samuel.


7. Try a new kind of traditional.

Rustic farmhouse looks are everywhere right now. And to make this style work with your Christmas tree theme, more is more. Have some serious, festive fun with a tree overfilled with ornaments and ribbon that has a comfy feel with just the right touch of nostalgia.


8. Make it fully floral.

Create a new kind of winter wonderland that celebrates florals. You can even DIY this idea by finding faux bulbs you like and affixing them to your evergreen. To keep things from feeling to one-note, though, add a few strands of natural garland like Delia Creates did.


9. Color coordinate your tree.

Sometimes our evergreen can stand out a bit too much from the rest of our decor. So try tying it in with ornaments in tones and textures that compliment instead of clash with your style. We like this tree's neutral pot that blends in perfectly.


10. Lose the tree — keep the twinkle.

If you don't have the space, or just don't want a traditional tree, try installing some lights in the shape of one on a piece of board like Collective Gen did here. You could also attach it right onto a wall. The look is so festive you may want to keep it up year-round. No one's judging.

11. Get groovy, baby.

If fun hues are your thing, this retro tree idea from Atomic Ranch will really get you in the holiday spirit. The silver tinsel branches of this vintage tree have pops of primary colors that make us want to sip a classic martini while spinning some Christmas carols on vinyl.


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