These Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Will Have You Pining for December

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Don't let the month of December (fine, October if you can't wait) sneak up on you without having at least a couple Christmas tree decoration ideas in mind. We all know the holidays wait for no one, so unless you're planning a repeat of last year's festive look (which is always an option, btw), it's time to start brainstorming about your evergreen. Do you want glitzy vibes or something a little less trendy? Are you leaning more towards winter desert chic, or does does some garland and a wreath represent the extent of your holiday bandwidth?


We're not here to judge your decorative efforts (or lack thereof), but we do have seven Christmas tree decoration ideas for all types, from the Grinch-adjacent to the diehard yuletide enthusiasts.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Double the trees.

To execute this look, you have to really be in the holiday spirit because you have two trees to decorate. Here. both are draped in peach and pink ornaments that create a charming scene. Hang some string lights and garland over the fireplace, add a throw over a chair and a fur rug — and your Christmas tree arrangement will be photoshoot ready.

Get the look: Vickerman Unlit Christmas Tree Set, $63.99

2. Go the kid-friendly route.

This kid-friendly Studio McGee holiday setup features wool and embroidered ornaments that are strategically placed near the bottom of the tree, while the breakable accessories are hung at the top. This way, when curious children inevitably reach out and touch something, they won't run the risk of destroying anything or injuring themselves on sharp pieces.


Get the look: Wool Couture Company 10-pack Louis Lamb Christmas Tree Decoration, $10

3. Add an animal-inspired tree topper.

Furry friends love to be included in everything, and the holidays are no exception! Swap the standard star or angel Christmas tree decoration for a four-legged creature of your preference, like this squirrel tree topper which is a cheeky example of art imitating life.



Get the look: Screen Door Squirrel With Star Tree Topper, $48

4. Make a minimalist statement.

We don't often hear the phrase "less is more" during the season that's infamous for excess, but if a simplified festive look appeals to you, the all-white Christmas tree from this Studio McGee design is an option. Although free of leaves and ornaments, it has the same spirit of a fully decorated Douglas fir. Place it in the corner next to a wreath and use a neutral tree skirt or a piece of fabric to make an artistic holiday statement.


Get the look: Lightshare Natural Willow Twig Lighted Branch, $18.99

5. Use natural materials.

For a Christmas tree decoration idea that's environment-friendly, we recommend making your own ornaments from natural materials like dried apple or orange slices, cinnamon sticks, or the classic popcorn strings. This DIY approach from Hunker contributor Caroline Burke is guaranteed to look original and be inexpensive.


Get the look: Citrus Sampler of Dried Fruit Slices, $6.25


6. Frame your tree.

Unless the ornaments are completely snooze-worthy, your Christmas tree is likely to command attention with little effort. Still, we love how Emily Henderson added extra focus to this lovely evergreen by framing it with fresh garland.


Get the look: Deer Run Greenery Fresh Cedar Garland, $29.83

7. Remain neutral.

This Scandinavian-inspired Christmas tree decoration idea from Designing Vibes is a little lowkey and incredibly beautiful. The color scheme is neutral, and the ornaments are a combination of earth tones with a touch of metallic thrown in for some holiday sparkle. Also, notice how the accents are intentionally spaced out to keep the look simple and clean.

Get the look: Northlight Shiny Rose Gold Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament, $11.49



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