9 Wreaths to Get You Into the (DIY) Holiday Spirit

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Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

What better way to get you into the fall and winter holiday spirit than hanging a festive wreath? And why not go the extra mile and make your own? We are in full support of decorating your home in holiday decor created by your very own hands. (Case in point: Check out these surprisingly easy last-minute holiday DIYs.) Below, our favorite seasonal wreaths to dress up your doors, windows, and walls throughout the year.


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1. Gold hoop wreath featuring eucalyptus.

attaching greenery to a brass hoop to make a diy wreath
Image Credit: Maya Marin

We just adore the dried lunaria used in this wreath.

2. Rose gold wreath made from aluminum cans.

The fact that this wreath is made from aluminum cans blows our mind. Perfect for autumnal holidays.

3. Rustic grapevine wreath.

A loose, earthy vibe where pampas grass and winter greens make a simple, yet strong, statement.

4. Wire wreaths.

OK, now, literally anyone can make these wreaths.

5. Copper pipe heart wreath with eucalyptus.

Obviously cute decor for Valentine's Day, but also really any time of the year.


6. Autumnal wreath with greens, reds, and oranges.

This wreath gives us all kinds of fall feelings. Cue the cool weather!

7. Faux evergreen wreath.

Sometimes you want to go faux so you can just reuse your decor every year. (And in the long run, save money on your decor.)

8. Mini rosemary wreaths for holiday table decor.

Tables love to get dressed up for the holidays, too, so why not decorate your Christmas dinner with mini rosemary wreaths?

9. Buy faux, and then just add some fresh, bright flowers.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

For this wreath, we bought a beautiful faux cedar wreath, and then simply added some bright, fresh, red flowers. So easy! Every year, reuse the faux wreath, and add any new flowers and greenery for embellishment. (Similar wreath found here.)

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