How to Hang a Christmas Wreath on a Mirror

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A fresh evergreen wreath isn't only for the front door of your home. Consider hanging a wreath on top of a large mirror either in your foyer or over a fireplace mantel for an extra touch of Christmas greenery. However, don't feel limited to traditional evergreens — it's possible that other materials might mix better with your home decor. For example, consider a wreath of dried magnolia leaves, pine cones, vintage glass ornaments, feathers, sea shells, felted wool, or fresh flowers. Whatever material you choose, the wreath should fit inside the frame of your mirror.



A wreath could be hung by attaching screws or thumbtacks to the top frame of the mirror itself, but this would permanently damage the frame. Our method of suspending the wreath supports it with a clear monofilament line that runs over the top of the frame to the mirror's hanging wire on the backside of the mirror. It is strong enough to hold the weight of a traditional 25-inch evergreen wreath that weighs 8 pounds.

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Christmas wreaths are made from a wide variety of materials, so you can choose one that reflects the decor of your home.
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Things You'll Need

Step 1: Prepare the Mirror and Wreath

If your mirror is already hanging on the wall, use a step ladder, if necessary, to remove it. Take note of the mounting hardware on the back. Typically there will be either two D-ring hangers or two screw eyes with a length of stainless steel hanging wire attached. If the mirror does not have hanging wire, cut a piece of wire that will span the width of the mirror and attach the ends to the mirror's D-rings. Lay the mirror on a table or countertop, face up. Dust the frame and wash the mirror.


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Many mirrors will have a pair of D-rings on the back to which you can attach the hanging wire for the mirror.
The mirror hanging wire will run between the two D-rings on the back of the mirror.

Inspect the back of your wreath, looking for sharp edges that might scratch the front of the mirror. For example, evergreen wreaths are constructed with floral wire and a metal wire frame. Wrap any sharp edges with florist tape. Also, note whether the wreath has a hanger on the back or loop on the top.


Step 2: Attach the Wreath With Monofilament Line

While the mirror is still lying flat on a work surface, lay the wreath on it, positioning it between the sides and just below the top of the mirror frame. The hanger or loop on the wreath should be pointed toward the top of the mirror.

With the wreath still in position, slide the top of the mirror off the work surface so that you have access to the hanging wire. (If the mirror isn't stable in this position, ask someone to hold it steady.)


Now, cut a 6-foot length of monofilament line and fold it in half. Guide the folded end of the line through the wreath's frame loop or hanger, then up over the top of the mirror frame, and finally under the mirror's hanging wire behind the mirror.

Step 3: Attach the Monofilament Line Around the Mirror Hanger

Grip the free ends of the monofilament line together behind the back of the mirror and tie them together, enclosing the hanging wire within the monofilament loop. The monofilament line will now be supported by the mirror's hanging wire once the mirror is placed back on the wall.



Hang the mirror back on the wall to test the wreath's position. Because monofilament line has some stretch, a heavy wreath might hang lower than you expect. If so, cut off the line, shorten it, and restring it through the wreath and mirror hanging wire. Make sure the knotted ends of the line are positioned behind the mirror, then trim the ends if necessary.

Step 4: Attach a Decorative Ribbon

Hold the mirror upright to make sure the monofilament line is holding the wreath where you'd like it positioned. The clear line should be invisible from a distance. If you'd like to add a decorative ribbon, follow the same process of stringing a single strand of ribbon through the wreath hanger up over the top of the mirror frame to the mirror's hanging wire, then tie both ends in a knot behind the mirror.


With wreath attached to the front of the mirror, you can mount a picture hanger from which to hang the mirror itself.

Step 5: Hang the Mirror on the Wall

Once the wreath is secure, hang the mirror on the wall, using steel picture hangers with the appropriate weight rating. Due to the extra bulk of the wreath, it might be easier for two people to complete the task together. Clean any fingerprints or smudges from the mirror and then step back to ensure it's hanging straight.

Now it's time to enjoy how the wreath and mirror draw together your Christmas lights and decor.




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