Just a Few Bedroom Mirrors to Make Your Sanctuary Look Bigger and Brighter

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When shopping for a mirror to hang in your bedroom, the first thing to consider is style. Do you want something ornate or clean-lined? Standing or wall-mounted? Round or rectangular? Then, you'll need to think about positioning. Where in your bedroom do you envision the mirror? That will determine the shape and size you'll need. If it's going above your bed (hopefully you don't live somewhere that is prone to earthquakes), you'll need something that's big enough to make a statement on the wall. If you want to reflect light around the room to make it seem bigger, you may want a standing mirror that you can tuck in a dark corner across from a window.


Lastly, and just as importantly, you'll want to make sure your mirror can be sturdily affixed to the wall, or that it's stable enough that it won't fall over. You don't want to have sleepless nights spent worrying that a mirror will come crashing down on you at any moment.

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Here are nine of our favorite bedroom mirrors (and where you can snag them).


1. Industrial

A leaning or standing mirror with a metal and wood frame adds a subtle industrial feel to the bedroom and will make the space feel bigger, too. Just soften it up with some vase full of pampas grass and a hat hung on one corner, as seen here by Molly from Almost Makes Perfect.


Get the look: West Elm Industrial Metal and Wood Floor Mirror, $349.30

2. Rustic and Wood-Framed

For a classic look, opt for a simple wood-framed bedroom mirror, either new or vintage. Even better? Mix and match a few styles and shapes and hang in a gallery-style arrangement, as seen in this Seattle bedroom by Katie Hackworth.


Get the look: Birch Lane Verduzco Rustic Wood Wall Mirror, $89

3. Oversize and Gold-Framed

You'll need a bedroom mirror atop your vanity for all of those last-minute primping and finishing touches. Opt for an oversize version in a slightly glam finish to add a dose of drama to your dressing table.



Get the look: Schoolhouse Leo Mirror, $799

4. Clothes Rack/Mirror

Short on clothes storage? Opt for a leaning mirror with a built-in rack for your clothes and accessories. You can hang up your next day's outfit and then check yourself out in it when you put it on — an all-in-one compact little piece. (P.S.: You can also make something similar.)


Get the look: Urban Outfitters Leni Leaning Mirror, $149

5. Multiple Minis

No need to opt for a giant bedroom mirror: A constellation of tiny frames makes an unexpected impact. We like this bentwood trio hung in an organic grouping, but a collection of square, rectangular, or round mirrors would look fun and eclectic, too.


Get the look: Anthropologie Bentwood Mirror, $58

6. Frameless

A large-scale standing floor mirror, when positioned near a window, maximizes the light coming into your bedroom and makes it appear bigger. (Can't see out of the window from bed? With a mirror, you can.) Opt for a frameless version like this one so your eye focuses on the reflection, not the mirror itself.



Get the look: Pottery Barn Astor Floor Standing Mirror, $499

7. Teeny Tiny Hanging Mirror

A teeny tiny bedroom mirror on a chain (or ribbon, in the case of this cult-favorite by Hay) will look dainty and subtle in your sleeping quarters. And we think it would look especially lovely in lieu of a piece of art above the bedside table.


Get the look: Hay Ruban Mirror Rectangle, $20 - $55

8. Perfectly Round

A perfectly round mirror lends dimension and softness to any bedroom. Just hang above the dresser or bed for a change from all those straight edges.


Get the look: Project62 Round Decorative Wall Mirror, $59.99

9. Antiqued

For a not-too-shiny bedroom mirror that makes a statement, opt for an antiqued version that's made to look distressed and patinated. (Or, make one yourself.) To strike a particularly romantic note, hang it as a focal point directly above the headboard like the team over at Chango & Co. did in this bedchamber.

Get the look: Grandin Road Juliette Mirror, $399



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