You Can Make This Beautiful Mirror by Simply Using Dowels

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Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Mirrors are not only practical but also add interest and light to every space. Full-length mirrors are perfect for small spaces as they give the illusion of depth, which makes the space look bigger.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

The clean lines of this DIY mirror are great for a variety of decor styles, especially boho or midcentury. It's easy to put together and costs very little to make.

Things You'll Need

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 1

You'll need to create a long groove along the length of the dowel — this is where you'll insert the mirror. To start, measure and mark where you would like the groove to start and end. In this case, we measured approximately 6 inches from the top and bottom of the dowel.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 2

Set the depth of the blade to go 3/4 of an inch into the dowel.

WARNING: Please use protective eye gear and extreme caution when using a table saw.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 3

Run the dowel through the table saw to make the groove along the center of the dowel.

TIP: You might need to repeat this process to make the groove slightly larger. This will depend on the thickness of your mirror.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 4

Sand away any loose splinters on the wood.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 5

Before you start gluing, gently place the mirror into the groove of both dowels to make sure that everything fits. Make adjustments to the grooves if needed.

Step 6

Add a generous layer of industrial adhesive in the grooves and insert the mirror into the dowels.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Step 7

Reassemble the mirror on a flat surface and allow it to sit undisturbed for 18 to 24 hours until the glue dries completely.

TIP: You might need to tie rope or string around the mirror to secure the dowels into place until the glue starts to dry. Alternatively, you can wedge the mirror in between two heavy items to make sure the dowels stay in place until the glue dries.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins
Image Credit: Lucy Akins

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