How to Install a Ceiling Mirror

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How to Install a Ceiling Mirror. A ceiling mirror can transform an ordinary bedroom into a sexy place for fun. If you plan to install a ceiling mirror, make sure that it is designed to be hung from a ceiling. Wall mirrors tend to distort the image reflected when they are placed on ceiling. Once you have your mirror, follow these steps.

Step 1

Use your tape measure to find the middle of the headboard. You can take the overall width of your headboard and divide it by two. This should be the midway point. Put a mark on the wall just above the midway point.


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Step 2

Transfer the mark using a level. A five-foot level or a laser level works well for this. The new mark should be at the top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling. You may need to move the bed out of the way and use a ladder to reach the ceiling.

Step 3

Measure the placement for the ceiling mirror mount. The exact placement may vary depending on the length of your mirror and personal preference. A good distance from the wall is 32 inches from your second mark. Put a mark where you want the mount.


Step 4

Place the mount against the ceiling and mark the holes with a pencil. Use a drill and bit that is slightly smaller than the screws to drill holes into the ceiling. If you aren't on a stud, insert wall anchors. Hold the wall mount to the ceiling and secure it in place by putting the screws in tight.

Step 5

Attach the chains to the eye hooks on the back of the mirror. You need to measure the same amount of links on each chain to ensure that your mirror hangs level. You may want to ask someone for a hand in hanging the mirror. Hang the long side of the mirror first.


Step 6

Try alternative methods. Some people apply silicon to the back of a lightweight mirror and stick it to the ceiling. Others use self-adhesive mirror tiles.



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