7 Mirrors From Target So Beautiful, They Might Cause an Evil Queen-like Obsession

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It's a known truth that any type of obsessive relationship with mirrors is no bueno. Just look at the Evil Queen from Snow White — that lady was spending all her time with a mirror and she pretty much had an existential breakdown.

But ... sometimes that type of mirror-related obsession is unavoidable, and, thanks to Target, we're pretty deep into it. We're not sure exactly what's going on over there right now, but the retailer's selection is killing it. The budget-friendly and stylish options are amazing enough to make you feel some empathy for the Evil Queen. Like, maybe she was just passionate about great decor? Check out the following Target picks:

1. Kenroy Home Oval Decorative Wall Mirror, $164.99

Okay — this one legit looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie and we're liking it.

2. Safavieh Round Gossamer Lace Decorative Wall Mirror, $72.99

And this intricate lace mirror is equally regal.

3. Opalhouse Decorative Round Leaf Wall Mirror, $39.99

The decorative leaf border on this mirror feels fit for a fairy princess.

4. Amanti Art Square Alexandria Decorative Wall Mirror, $129.99

The whitewash frame of this mirror would be perfect for a forest cottage, don't you think?

5. Opalhouse Havana Pieced Mirror, $49.99

What's black and white and beautiful all over? This mirror ... and you looking in it.

6. CKK Home Decor Oval Rope Decorative Wall Mirror with Loop Hanger Rope, $46.74

Here's a nautical-inspired mirror if you're more of an Ariel fan.

7. Amanti Art Rectangle Florentine Decorative Wall Mirror, $89.99

Your boudoir deserves something bold and substantial — like this fancy mirror with a florentine frame.

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