These 13 Decorative Mirrors All Cost Less Than $100

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We all know that mirrors are essential to any room's design: The reflective element adds depth and light that makes spaces feel larger and brighter. But you may not have thought about using them as an avenue for introducing new colors, textures, and shapes into your design. To help you discover their transformative capabilities without blowing your budget, we've rounded up our favorite 13 mirrors under $100. Bringing one of these into your home will elevate everything to a new dimension.

Olive Leaf Mirror

A gold oval mirror is a timeless design piece that works well in just about any space, and can add metallic to an otherwise muted room. Put this Anthropologie mirror ( $58 ), complete with a subtle leaf motif, on a short wall in a hallway or inside of a doorway.

Quatrefoil Mirror

Mirrors don't always have to have metallic or wooden frames. Check out this option from Deny Designs ( $99 ) that features a groovy print on aluminum. It would look right at home propped up on a simple dresser.

Bust Mirror

There are so many shape options for mirrors that aren't rectangular or circular. Look to this mirror from Fluxglass ( $64 ) that's in the playful shape of a women's bust. It's a perfect conversation starter, and it can add the right level of whimsy to a serious room.

Pyramid Mirror

Clustering smaller mirrors together is one of our favorite design tricks. Put up a few of these Urban Outfitters mirrors ( starting at $19 ) in different sizes on a wall that needs some extra love. Bonus points if the room gets a lot of light — the mirrors will catch it and throw it across the space.

Floor Mirror

A freestanding floor mirror, like this one from Ikea ( $74.99 ), is a power player. It's a piece of furniture, but it adds more interest to a room than a mirror tacked to the back of a door. Arrange baskets of accessories or plants around it to make it part of your space.

Brass Table Mirror

If you're in the market for a pretty tabletop mirror, look at this looking glass from Calvill ( $98.44 ). It's a nice alternative to another framed photo on your dresser or sideboard, and brass goes with everything.

Striped Mirror

Have you thought about introducing a new print or color into a room through a mirror frame? Take this rectangular mirror from Horchow ( $88 ) into consideration. The black-and-white color combo is always a classic, and the stripes would mesh well with florals or other solids in your living space.

Round Hanging Wall Mirror

Mirrors with chains are trending, and for good reason — the extra length of the chain makes the mirror seem much taller than it really is, so it works well for walls where you don't have a lot of other stuff hanging. If you want to try this design trick, go for this mirror from Hayneedle ( $69.99 ).

Bath Mirror With Tray

Bathroom mirrors are always tough, since you need some room for storage. Line up your prettiest bottles in the shelf on this World Market mirror ( $79.99 ) and you're good to go. We're also partial to the aqua finish, which would look good in a black-and-white or light pink bathroom.

Mirror Mask

If someone ever told you that home decor has to be serious, they were totally lying to you. It's tough to not crack a smile at this Areaware mirror ( $80 ), which would look right at home in your creative space. It's both functional and funny!

Semi-Circle Wall Mirror

A mirror in a semi-circle frame, like this one from AllModern ( $90 ), can also act as unconventional wall art. Put it in a corner of a small bathroom to make it seem larger, and add some large potted plants underneath.

Walnut Mirror

Fireplace mantles are one of our favorite small places to style, and adding a mirror is an unexpected but refreshing choice. The next time you redo your mantle, mix this mirror from West Elm ( $60 ) in with your family photos, plants, and mementos.

Diamond Motif Mirror

Mirrors don't have to go on the wall — you can put a rectangular or square one inside a large open cabinet or on a bookshelf, and style candles or other knickknacks around it. If you know just the spot to do it, get this Zara Home mirror ( $79.90 ).

Wood Ladder Standing Mirror

This standing mirror from Target ( $59.99 ) is a solid and simple piece you can't go wrong with. Put it in your bedroom or closet, and you'll have a place to see full-length outfit views and some extra clothing storage.

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