7 Sneaky Ways to Fit a Little More Clothes Storage Into Your Bedroom

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Maybe you live in a tiny studio apartment sans closet. Maybe your bedroom just doesn't have one. Or maybe, try as you might, you just can't Marie Kondo your clothing enough to fit into one closet, and you need to squeeze in more bedroom storage for your clothing somehow. (No, piling your clothes on a chair does not count.)


The good news? Whatever your closet situation, there are several places in your bedroom where you can stash extra clothing while still keeping the whole room looking tidy and beautiful. From spots so high you'll need a step stool to narrow slivers of space down low, here are bedroom storage ideas that will help you keep your ever-growing wardrobe organized.

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1. Add Freestanding Clothes Racks

The easiest bedroom storage idea for clothes? Invest in, or DIY, a moveable, freestanding clothing rack or two, like the ones in the sleeping quarters above by Lobster and Swan. (We like the Mulig from IKEA, too.) Line a couple up along an empty stretch of wall to create the feeling of an open closet, or tuck one into the tiniest of spaces — like the corner next to your bedside table — for an instant storage solution that will hold a surprising amount.

2. Tuck In a Rail

Short on space and need some extra bedroom storage? A wall-mounted rail, like this one in the home of blogger Caroline Joy, stores a few favorite pieces without taking up much space at all. And, it serves as a sort of display, too. Tuck a slim full-length mirror alongside and you've got the perfect mini-dressing area that also happens to look beautiful, too.


3. Look Under the Bed

Chances are there's tons of prime storage space lurking right under your nose. Well, under your bed, really. If you don't have a bed with built-in drawers, you can still make use of this space with good-looking baskets, bins, and shallow rolling carts. Add one or two for off-season clothing; add enough and you can store a whole closet's worth of clothes under there. For a good-looking woven basket similar to the John Lewis option above, we like this modern weave under-bed storage basket from West Elm.



4. Line a Wall With Peg Rails

Keep accessories like hats, colorful scarves, and belts neatly corralled with help from peg rails like Brittni from Paper & Stitch did in this guest room. Hang one on a stretch of your bedroom wall — or line the whole room with them. They'll make it easy to hang whatever needs hanging.


5. Hack a Closet

No closet? No problem: You can make one. Pull your bed out a few feet from the wall and hang a curtain behind your headboard, then fill the narrow space between curtain and wall with clothes racks, a small set of drawers, and hooks for holding all of your accessories. Presto: a bedroom storage idea that feels separate and contained, à la the classic IKEA "walk-in" closet seen above. When you want to conceal it entirely, just draw the curtain all the way across.


What's the point of storing your favorite things, like that wide-brimmed hat collection, out of sight? Put them on display — neatly — with a wall arrangement. Get the full DIY instructions for this hanging rod here; then, clip on a few top-favorite hats in similar shapes and colors (the key words being "a few," since you want it to look curated, not overwhelming). Or, just install hooks along one bedroom wall for an instant hat gallery wall. Not into hats? Hang band t-shirts, scarves, handbags, and even sunglasses this way, or install a cluster of open shelves for your shoe collection.


7. Install a High Shelf

For sneaky bedroom storage idea that stays out of your way (and — bonus — makes your ceilings look higher, too), hang a super-high shelf along the top of a wall for storing folded goods, off-season clothing, and baskets for accessories. All you'll need is a step stool. The team over at Avenue Lifestyle can show you how it's done.



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