Here's How to Finally Tackle Your Bedroom Storage Woes

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Sleep experts urge us to "ban clutter" for a peaceful night's rest — but keeping your bedroom nice and tidy feels like a challenge only Marie Kondo herself could achieve. Every corner of your bedroom attracts clutter, from the top of your nightstand, stacked with books, to your floor, which is covered in clothing and dog toys and shoes.

Choosing the right bedroom storage is the best way to minimize your nightly stress. Even if you're inclined toward mess, it's possible to keep your sleeping space neat and organized — all you have to do is plan smart.


Start with your bedroom layout. How flexible is it? Small bedrooms may only have one suitable space for the bed, so you'll have to start there. If you're working with a larger room, you might be able to move the bed to another wall, opening up a huge expanse of storage space.

You'll need to know your bedroom storage needs, too. Does your jewelry collection spark oohs and ahhs in visiting guests? Do you change your duvet cover to suit the season — every season? Are you a winter sports fanatic with no other place to stuff your parkas and ski pants? Ideally, you'll take those needs into consideration when planning your space.

Don't forget your budget. As much as we all might dream of custom closets and built-in vanities and other delightful luxuries, thinking realistically is key. There are a number of inexpensive storage solutions. Maybe they're not quite as glam, but they'll do the trick — and considering that "reducing clutter" should be your number one goal, that's all you really need.

Bedroom Storage and Organization Ideas

Not sure how to start your bedroom revamp? Here are some bedroom storage ideas to consider.


If you're angling for a seriously streamlined look, built-ins are the best options — and perfect for making a small space feel expansive, like in this luxurious 960-square-foot apartment. Choose cabinetry that specifically suits your storage needs. Want skinny drawers for necklaces? Pull-out shoe racks? It's your creation. Go wild.


Live the Carrie Bradshaw dream with a chic custom closet. And here's a secret: You don't need a walk-in closet — or even a big budget — to create a bespoke space. An organized closet might require a single trip to your favorite home renovation store for shelving, baskets, and dividers. Getting dressed has never been so fun.



Don't waste the under-the-bed space. Who needs dust bunnies, anyway? Elect for pull-out storage or, if you're working with a bigger budget, consider a custom solution — like in this clever 230-square-foot studio apartment.


One way to increase your bedroom storage is to be smarter about your furniture. A simple bench pushed against the end of your bed doesn't just provide a place to sit while you tug off your shoes — it also lets you tuck away items better kept out-of-sight. This pale wood version ($749) from Article does double-duty beautifully.


Don't sleep on bedroom shelving, especially if you're working with a small space. Done right, shelving can even double as a closet, like in blogger Jess Ann Kirby's sunny space. Why not show off your boot collection? Fashion is art. Or use skinny rails to show off actual artwork, letting you change up your look every time you're in the mood.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Dealing with an itsy-bitsy space? Don't panic. Instead, get your storage game on point. Start by thinking outside the box — from funky double-duty headboards to gorgeous pegboards filled with plants and art. Or think on a smaller scale: organize your drawers or create a shoe cabinet.


And don't forget about IKEA. Just like in any space in your house, a good IKEA hack can change your life. Or use their furniture (gasp) as intended: Their Skådis pegboard ($17.99) makes the perfect small-space nightstand. If you want storage and a decor upgrade, follow this IKEA bedroom storage DIY.

Still tortured by loose stuff? Give your inner Marie Kondo a call. That means paring down, looking for unexpected solutions — like baskets — and turning your accessories into art. Don't forget the closet, either. Organizing a small closet can be a logistical challenge, but who doesn't like a good game of Tetris?

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Accessories

By far, the biggest bedroom space-waster is clothing and accessories. Sure, you can stuff them in a closet — but if you're trying to save space, there are alternative options.


One genius bedroom storage idea? Add wall hooks to keep your next day's clothes out of the way — or provide an easy alternative to the floor for today's tossed-off outfit. (We like IKEA's Skuggis bamboo hooks, for $4.99.) And if you're good at folding, show off your collection on wall shelving. Just don't forget to dust.


No matter your bedroom size or decor style, there's a bedroom shoe storage option for you. This skinny shelf can be tucked in anywhere you desire — from the side of your bed to that awkward niche in the corner.


If you're a big fan of hats, finding room for all those space-hogs can be a challenge. And in small spaces, stacking hatboxes may not be feasible. Your solution? Consider your hats decor and show them off. A DIY hat wall, like this creation from Gypsy Tan, can liven up your bedroom and free up much-needed space.



You need a purse for every outfit. Naturally. But where to store them? Like with hats, we recommend treating them as decor. Hang them from hooks, like in this muted idea from A Beautiful Mess, or show off your faves on open shelving.


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