8 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms That'll Completely Transform Your Space

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Storage space is one of those things that you generally don't miss until you're short on it. So it almost goes without saying that lacking extra square footage can be particularly tricky when it comes to keeping your space clutter-free. Especially in a small-space bedroom where piles of laundry, stacks of magazines, and various odds and ends tend to accumulate. That, thankfully, is where do-it-yourself storage solutions come in.


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To help make the most of your tiny sanctuary, we rounded up some of the best DIY storage solutions on the web below. Oh, and did we mention that they're all exclusively Hunker-original DIYs? So rest assured that you won't have to spend a pretty penny to add storage to your humble abode. Scroll through, add the materials to your cart, and get to work making your fave DIY storage ideas for small bedrooms, stat.


1. Get organized.

If you want to start small on the DIY storage ideas scale (aka no new furniture necessary), just add some drawer dividers to your existing dresser or nightstands. With just a few tools and some pieces of balsa wood, your essentials will be separated in whatever way makes the most sense for you. This Marie Kondo-approved solution means you'll never have to dig around to find what you need again — and you'll be 10 times less likely to end up with "junk" drawers.


2. Display a ladder shelf.

Ladder shelves are literally everywhere these days — and no wonder, they're an ideal place to store extra blankets or even the magazines on your to-read list. Plus, the silhouette makes it a cinch to place anywhere, even an awkward bedroom corner. What we love about this DIY storage idea in particular is that it veers more modern than farmhouse and is crafted from wooden boards and an unexpected household item: sleek towel bars. And did we mention that it costs far less than that store-bought version you've been eyeing?


3. Opt for built-in shelves.

Is a headboard necessary? No. But when it comes to our design aesthetic, we prefer a sleek backdrop for the place we rest our heads after a long day. This Scandinavian-style plywood headboard doubles as a shelving unit to hold all your favorite knickknacks. For those who are really cramped for space, let the shelves replace a side table for things like a cellphone, book, or, dare we say, a cup of morning coffee. And since you're crafting this yourself, you can add as many or few shelves as you see fit.


4. Turn a dresser into a focal point.

When space is at a minimum, you need to find ways to inject style into the room without adding excess decor. Which is why, in this DIY storage idea for small bedrooms, we're taking your dresser and turning it into a work of art (well, actually you're turning it into a work of art). Enter: IKEA's Tarva dresser, which gets a total makeover courtesy of dowels and chalk paint in this step-by-step project. Bonus points: Metallic gold paint gives the door pulls and feet art deco appeal.


5. Inspire yourself.

This clever DIY storage idea is a great way to store some of your favorite things, and it can actually serve as a quasi mood board to inspire creativity. It's also the perfect place to stash all those odds and ends which will clear off your surfaces. It all starts with the IKEA Hejne shelf and utilizes door hooks to attach wooden strips to a "board" to create shelving. Use it to display photos, meaningful cards, and even beauty products (since a small-space bedroom equals a small bathroom, too).


6. Try a shoe cabinet console.

If you're anything like us, you need a TV in the bedroom but want a gorgeous way to display it. This DIY storage idea for small bedrooms is like a breath of fresh air, taking an ordinary shoe storage cabinet and upgrading it to double as a stylish display console. FYI: The zigzagging dowel detail adds serious interest and texture to any space.


7. Go over the door.

If your closet is packed, turn your door into a space to store items like bags and belts that you use on the reg. In this DIY storage idea, a grid panel becomes a canvas for you to hang whatever your heart desires with the help of S-hooks. Simply take what you need for the day, and then rehang it when you get home. If this fun trick doesn't encourage you to be an organizational master, we're not sure what will. Plus: This is a good spot to start for novice DIYers, since this project should be complete in no time.

8. Or, carve out space for a freestanding closet.

If after purging all of the clothes that no longer bring you joy (or fit) you still can't find anything — let alone add any new clothes to your tiny closet — then this copper DIY clothing stand is the perfect solution for you. Plus, it's so pretty ... and isn't that what really matters?