Designer Kate Rumson Knows Exactly What You Need for an Organized Closet

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It's the same story every spring: we decide to organize our closets, but then something always seems to get in the way of our progress. The main issue that separates good intentions from action is vision — are you actually creating enough space for clothes, accessories, and shoes? Once you have the room, then you can plan accordingly. We're taking inspiration from Kate Rumson, the design expert behind the Instagram account @the_real_houses_of_ig, to see how to get the ideal wardrobe situation to last. She gave us four easy tips for streamlining a closet into a neat and stress-free space, so now you can finally have the one you dream about whenever it starts to get warm outside.


Capitalize on Space With Open Shelving

If you have a single bar holding up your clothes, then move in a half-sized bookshelf like Ikea's classic Billy bookcase to make use of the empty space at the bottom for shoes and bags. Rumson also uses her open shelving for storing a few home accessories. Not only is this a good use of free space, but it also adds a little extra decorative touch.

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Squeeze in a Drawer Unit

A clean-lined dresser is a better way to store sweaters and pants than hangers, anyway. Slide a small set of drawers underneath a clothing bar, or place it at the end of a walk-in opposite the door. Even a small-scaled drawer unit, like Crate and Barrel's three-drawer chest, expands your storage possibilities.


Divide Drawers With Organizers

Your storage needs will differ based on your wardrobe and accessories, of course, but everything should be easy to see. Jewelry trays such as ClosetMaid's jewelry tray insert are ideal for those with lots of necklaces and earrings.


Conceal Storage With Decorative Boxes

Storing similar items together is a must for an organized closet. The Container Store's lidded eyewear storage box has a built-in ridge that keeps every pair upright, and it can keep your sunnies close at hand, too. Use a few different sizes for a range of options, including scarves and hats.



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