The Perfect Way to Store Anything From Cleaning Supplies to Handbags

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Image Credit: Caroline Burke

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Storage is as big a challenge as ever. Despite our best efforts to KonMari our home, it can often feel like we're still bursting at the seams. Extra space can be hard to come by (especially in smaller homes), so getting creative and finding new ways to organize is key. If trying to find ways to fit more stuff in less space is becoming part of your daily routine, you may want to consider DIY-ing some smart solutions.

Say goodbye to storage woes with this hidden door storage rack ... the perfect way to store anything from cleaning supplies to handbags.

Things You'll Need

Be sure that the metal grid mesh is a few inches smaller than the width of the door. (You don't want to install it only to realize you can't close the door!)

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Grid panel is commonly used in store fittings so it's sturdy enough for hanging multiple items. We recommend large screw-in hooks to hang the mesh. For this project, we're hanging our mesh from a wooden door, so the hooks can be screwed in by hand.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Step 1

Firmly twist the first hook into the door panel. Make sure to leave a few inches of space from the top — you don't want the hooks to impede the door opening.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Screw in at least two hooks, about 2 1/2 inches from the top of your door.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Step 2

Take the grid panel and hang it from the two hooks.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Step 3

Add your S-hooks. This type of hook is perfect for hanging items from bars or wire mesh and they come in various sizes.

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

Step 4

Hang your items. We've used our storage space to organize our cleaning tools, brushes, and dustpans. Marie Kondo would be proud!

Image Credit: Caroline Burke

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