These Insanely Beautiful Cleaning Utensils Make Tidying Up Less of a Chore

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Let's be honest, there are very few people in the world who get excited to clean the house. From scrubbing, to dusting, to mopping, and wiping — it's a tough and seemingly never ending job. But, if there were a way to make these grueling tasks bring butterflies to your stomach instead of nausea, it would be through these 12 ridiculously over-the-top, glam cleaning utensils.

1. Redecker White Ostrich Feather Duster, $45

Ooh la la! Bring out your inner French maid with this funky, vintage-inspired feather duster that is doing the absolute most. Made from actual ostrich feathers, this lightweight cleaning accessory is perfect for removing dust from delicate items — especially in high places.

2. The Laundress Copper Cloth, $16

Keep delicate glassware sparkling, heavy-duty pots spotless, and your copper-themed kitchen unified. This gentle, two-ply metallic cloth is designed to work hard without scratching.

3. Andrée Jardin Vintage-Inspired French Push Broom, $78

The 2010s brought us Roombas, and even though we're all grateful, sometimes a room just doesn't feel properly clean until you've worked up a sweat. But don't subject yourself to pushing around just any old ratty broom. Opt for this vintage-style floor brush to pick up everything that your little round vacuum misses. And bonus: It will look so cute hanging in your charming farmhouse.

4. Dot and Army Unpaper Towels Reusable Cotton Cloths ( Set of 12 ), $40

Do your part to help the environment by cleaning up messes with cloth paper towels instead. This 100 percent cotton option is a beautiful and reusable alternative to discarding reams of paper.

5. Kamenoko Tawashi Round Cleaning Brush, $12

The product of more than 100 years of brush-making, this little round orb may remind you of a donut — but it won't leave a sugary mess all over your counter. In fact, its palm-fiber bristles promise to clean up any sticky accidents and scrub off any caked-on grub.

6. Lostine Maple and Leather Dustpan, $84

We know, we know ... dustpans are used to pick up dirt. But you work really hard, so we think you deserve to be a little extra from time to time. Arm yourself with this beautifully designed maple wood and leather scoop that makes sweeping feel like less of a chore. Dust bunnies beware.

7. Menu Shower Wiper, $69.95

Warning: This chic shower wiper might cause you to pass out due to sticker shock. But on the plus side, when you come to, you can rest assured knowing that water spots and streaks on your glass shower walls won't stand a chance with this minimalist carbon-colored wiper in your arsenal.

8. Shoppe Amber Interiors Black Dishwashing Brush, $6.75

Turn your dish-washing routine into a chic event with this modern German design. The black bristle head will beautifully clean up the remnants of last night's dinner, and still look handsome as ever when the job is done. It even has a hanging loop so you can keep it on display.

9. Iris Hantverk Rattan Carpet Beater, $47

No, we did not travel back in time to the early 19th century when carpet beaters were a necessity. But in the event that the power goes out due to a zombie apocalypse, or you get bored with your fancy Dyson vacuum, try using a simpler tool like this woven carpet beater made from rattan. More than just a cleaning utensil, this twisted knot design is a thing of beauty that will keep your kilim rug looking like new.

10. Redecker Toilet Brush Set, $38

Cleaning the toilet is a dirty job but somebody has to do it, so why not make it as pleasant as possible? The rustic vibes of this charming combo — which includes a farmhouse-style pitcher and a black bristle brush with dark wood finish handle — does just that. In fact, you'll almost be tempted to assign this chore to yourself instead of someone else in your household.

11. Andrée Jardin Mini Brush and Dustpan Set, $46

Keep your Sunday brunch crumb-free with this mini broom and dustpan. The pop of red will brighten up your broom closet, and the delicate fibers are gentle enough to keep your dining table scratch-free.

12. Rikumo Chikuno Cube House Natural Air Purifier, starting at $72

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean the air in your home doesn't need to be cleaned. Purify the O2 in your humble abode naturally with this eco-friendly cube made from activated charcoal and clay minerals. Its sculptural design will blend in beautifully with your decor, and you can breathe easy knowing your pad has fewer impurities.

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