85 DIY Projects That Dominated 2018

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New year, new you, new reasons to DIY. More specifically: 85 reasons. From furnishings to functional how-tos, there's something for everyone, in every part of your home … no matter if you're a DIY novice or expert. Just keep scrolling through, Hunker friends. These projects will keep you feeling creative and productive throughout the year.


1. Oversize Textured Art

Shearling is always a sure thing, especially as a showpiece for your wall.

2. Brass Sconce

We know — we, too, can hardly believe this gorgeous sconce is made from a Target serving platter.

3. Graphic Art Prints

It's almost ridiculous how easy these prints are to make. No painting, printing, or skill required.

4. Modern Geometric Quilt Art

Target strikes again, and we ain't mad. This hanging quilt is cleverly made from a pillow sham. (Also, you actually won't even be quilting — shhh!)

5. Dip-Dye Yarn Wall Art

A hula hoop, some yarn, and dye come together to create this show-stopping statement piece.

6. Framed Botanical Art

Brown thumbs, don't care. Here's how you have the ultimate zero-maintenance plant.

7. Clay Bells

When air-dry clay becomes one-of-a-kind decor in less than 10 steps.

8. Fringed Mirror

Go boho-chic with this half mirror, half wall hanging. ( In the retail world, this costs over $2K! )

9. Wood Wall Hanging

Good news: you don't have to be a crafting genius to make this earthy, minimalist art piece.


10. Wood Photo Transfer

This project has always been a crowd pleaser.

11. Concrete Candle Holder

If you love the simplicity of Scandinavian decor, we present this easy concrete DIY.

12. Fringe Pillow

Turn an affordable rug into a straight outta Anthropologie pillow.

13. Plywood Clock

To create this understated timepiece, you really only need a little bit of time.

14. Concrete Succulent Planter

We should probably admit to you now how much we love concrete. And succulents. And this entire how-to.

15. Mud Cloth Pillows

Geometric designs, muted colors, budget friendly … perfect.

16. Geo-Disc Abstract Art

This really only costs a few dollars to put together.

17. Succulent Driftwood Planter

Say hello to rustic elegance.

18. Leather Handled Vase

It's amazing what some scrap materials can become.

19. Freestanding Plywood Magazine Rack

Oh, and have we also mentioned our mild obsession with plywood? This looks like it belongs in a design shop.

20. Copper Clothing Stand

Copper pipe tends to be a fave material to use in DIYs. And here's proof.

21. Midcentury-Inspired Plant Stand

No previous woodworking knowledge required.

22. Geometric Concrete Bookends

Gather your recycled cardboard and quick-drying concrete — your weekend DIY is ready for you.

23. Leather Vase

Way less expensive to make this than to buy. Truth.

24. Display Photos Without Frames

Five creative ways to show off your favorite moments and memories.

25. Swing Arm Blanket Rack

So you can keep your favorite throws within easy reach.

26. Copper Candelabra

This may have originally been created as a Halloween project, but don't you think this candelabra could be used any time of the year? Just change out the color of the candles.


27. Basic Bouquet Wrapped Like a Pro

Because generic wrapping just won't do for those beautiful blooms.

28. Herb Drying Rack

So you can start making your own dried herbs at home. There's nothing like it.

29. Air Plant Holder

Low-maintenance air plants are just the best. And this easy-to-make holder is just too cute.

30. Grocery Store Flowers Arrangement

How to make a chic arrangement out of single bunches of flowers.

31. Royal Wedding-Inspired Floral Centerpiece

We're still dreamy-eyed over Harry and Megan's wedding. Here's how to keep that love alive.

32. Framed Pressed Flowers

A modern spin on an age-old craft.

33. Pine Cone Fire Starter Kit

If you have a fireplace at home, this is a must during the colder months.

34. Wood Hanger for Potted Herbs

If you live in an apartment or a space that doesn't have access to a garden, here's how to grow herbs at home.

35. Floral Wall Hanging

A perfect party backdrop. Selfies not included.


36. Floating Shelf

Putting up shelves is a classic DIY project.

37. Modern Ladder Shelf

Oh, what you can do these days with cheap wood boards and towel bars.

38. Cutting Board Wall Organizer

Odds and ends are tidy again.

39. Leather and Wood Wall Hooks

A stylish way to make smart use of your walls.

40. Pegboard Shelf

This is giving us some serious Scandinavian vibes.

41. Copper Pipe Tool Organizer

Your garage is about to get a serious upgrade.


42. Collapsible Side Table

Hello, space saver!

43. Terrazzo Table

We just love the terrazzo trend. If you do too, this IKEA hack is for you.

44. Modern Side Table

Another hack! This was made from a plain IKEA nightstand. How gorgeous is it now?

45. Coffee Table With Copper Legs

This table is just the right size for smaller spaces. (Or for larger spaces, make a few of them and fit together like a puzzle!)


46. Recovered Director's Chair

From boring to rugged-chic.


47. Wall-Mounted Knife Rack

Fact: this drool-worthy knife rack was made with paint stir sticks.

48. Breakfast Tray

If you've been meaning to up your breakfast game, you'll need this.

49. Concrete Utensil Holder

One hundred percent practical with an industrial edge.

50. Scandinavian Drying Cabinet

Our editorial team flipped out about this mad-genius hack.


51. Standing Desk

Just between us, if a standing desk turns out not to be your thing, you could just as easily use it as a home bar.

52. Cable Desk Organizer

Marie Kondo would be proud.


53. Geometric Table Runner

Well, hello, gorgeous.

54. Leather Flatware Pocket

Keep your table settings tidy. (Also, these are ideal to take with you on a picnic.)

55. Eucalyptus Table Runner

Fragrant, fresh greenery elevates any table, any time of the year.


56. Padded Headboard

This DIY is relatively simple and highly customizable.

57. Plywood Headboard With Built-In Shelves

No need to spend extra on nightstands — this headboard is made with built-ins.

58. IKEA Dresser Makeover

This is hands down one of our favorite handmade Hunker projects.

59. Mod Painted Headboard

Admittedly this one takes some woodworking skills, but we have faith in your abilities.


60. Wood Bath Tray

To live your best Oprah, you'll need a tray. Specifically this bath tray.

61. Moss Shower Mat

Yes, this will complete your spa-like bathroom sanctuary.

62. Mint and Ginger Body Scrub

Mint to relax your mind and body, ginger to invigorate your skin and senses.

63. Bath Salts

Tired? Stressed? Poor baby. You need a nice warm bath sprinkled with these beautiful bath salts. And that aforementioned bath tray.


64. Free-Sanding Hammock Stand

Build this and let your staycation begin.

65. Wood and Concrete Bench

There is something about this bench that our readers just love. It's a hugely popular do-it-yourself project.

66. Murphy Bar

Your warm weather outdoor entertaining needs this bar. Needs.

67. Citronella Torch

Banish unwelcome guests with a beautiful citronella torch.

68. Macrame Hammock

All you really need to know is how to knot. We'll show you the rest.

69. Tabletop Concrete Fire Bowl

How cute would this be as a housewarming gift for someone? That is, if you can bear to part with it.

70. Bug Repelling Candle

Nice aroma, warm glow … and no pesky bugs to be found. This candle is a win, win, win.


71. Wall-Mounted Mirror/Organizer

Restore order to your entryway — and have a place to touch up your lipgloss before you go. Both equally important.

72. Doormat

With the free printable, this cheeky welcome mat is a no-brainer to make.

73. Eucalyptus Gold Hoop Wreath

Any time of year is a good time to refresh your front door. Don't you want to be greeted with fragrant eucalyptus whenever you arrive home?

74. Rose Gold Wreath

This stunning piece is made entirely of recycled aluminum cans. Can you believe?


75. Wooden Mobile

This simple wooden mobile is tailor-made for nurseries with a minimalist vibe.

76. Modern Reading Nook

So cute for kids … but don't you want one for yourself?

77. Book Bin

Take an IKEA bamboo storage box, add some hairpin legs, and presto! This sweet little book bin is born.

78. Brass Mobile

This mobile is so chic; it can work in any room of your home, not just the nursery.

PETS (Specifically, Your Cat)

79. Modern Kitty Hammock

Don't get up, Kitty. You just relax where you are.

80. Plywood Kitty Litter Box

A chic way to hide the usual kitty litter eyesore.


81. Build a Radiator Cover

From unsightly radiator to useful vanity. A smart and stylish choice.

82. Make New Wood Look Weathered and Distressed

Can't get your hands on genuine reclaimed wood? With paint and stain, you can get the look — without having to strip an old barn bare!

83. Paint Walls With Limewash

Weathered walls are trending high in home design.

84. Acid Stain a Concrete Floor

This do-it-yourself acid-staining project will help you create durable, high-impact flooring.

85. Build an Accent Wall With Pallets

This is one of our most popular projects on Pinterest. If you're considering adding an accent wall, perhaps pallets might provide the perfect look for your home.

Laurie Gunning Grossman, Hunker’s editorial director, caught the California boho minimalist bug. So, she bought a cream-colored couch. And she also lives with two kids and two dogs, so we’ll see how that decision pans out.

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