12 Hacks to Try If You Love Anthropologie

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It's undeniable: Anthropologie is awesome. But, it's not like we're sitting on a pile of gold, so as much as we would love to go Anthro-crazy in our homes, it's just not realistic. The good news: It's actually surprisingly simple to channel Anthropologie's style with some DIY action. Check out these 12 easy (and fun!) projects:


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1. Colorful Tassel Pillow

This trend-setting Firenze Velvet Tassel Pillow dupe is surprisingly simple to make. Start by laying two pieces of white velvet fabric (cut to your desired size) back-to-back, with the velvet sides sandwiched in between. Then, sew the edges together, adding colorful tassels an inch apart as you go. You can either buy pre-made tassels, or create your own out of embroidery thread or yarn. Just follow the how-to from Sewing In No Mans Land.


2. Gold Monogram Mugs

Whether you're making this as a gift or simply upgrading your morning coffee cup, you can pull this stylish Gold Monogram Mug DIY off in a snap. Get step-by-step instructions on Earnest Home Co.


3. Metallic Pencil Holder

Take your desk decor to the next level with this DIY inspired by Anthropologie's Codify Pencil Holder. You'll need glass cylinders in various sizes, a piece of wood for the base, contact cement, and copper spray paint. Leah from the blog Freutcake explains how to make this cool craft at home.


4. Gold Dots Pillow

It doesn't get any easier than this spotted DIY project. To make your version of Anthro's Luminous Dots Pillow at home, all you need are two white pillow cases with inserts, gold paint, a ruler, and a foam pouncer (that's how you get such perfect-looking dots). See how it's done at Brit + Co.


5. Confetti Glasses

Perfect for summer, these Settled Confetti Glasses will make your cocktail that much cooler! Flip your glass upside down and, using paint pens made for glass and ceramics, make tiny dots in a single color all over the base of your glass, working your way up the sides. Visit the blog #housewifeproblem for the full how-to.


6. Pom-Pom Push Pins

Recreate these playful Pom-Pom Push Pins using simple metal thumbtacks, yarn, and a little hot-glue. The blog Sarah Hearts has the full DIY.


7. Upgraded Wood Platter

Save yourself some serious cash by making a version of this Woodgrain Serving Tray at home. Start with an affordable store-bought wooden platter. Then, simply create handles out of strips of leather by nailing them into your platter with brass tacks. See step-by-step photos on Apartment Therapy.


8. Decorated Dresser

You can easily update an old wooden dresser to look like Anthro's Portside Five-Drawer Dresser. The key to creating this weathered look is using a wall texturizing paint as the base and applying chalkboard paint with a sponge on top. Get the step-by-step how-to from Simple Details.

9. Painted Globe

Get a look similar to this Handpainted Wanderlust Globe by painting an old globe — that you can likely find at a thrift store — in the color of your choice. Then, choose a travel-inspired phrase that you want to cut out of gold vinyl. See how this one was made by checking out Salty Canary.

10. Gilded Agate Coasters

Perfect for adding instant appeal to your coffee table, these Gilded-Edge Agate Coasters are a wee bit pricey. However, it's easier than ever to make them at home, thanks to this helpful how-to. Just buy a few slabs of agate at your local craft store and carefully apply gold leaf paint around their edges to recreate the look at a fraction of the cost. View step-by-step photos and added tips on the blog Totally the Bomb.

11. Two-Tone Wall Clock

Recreate your own version of the Geometria Wall Clock — really all you need is some paint, a sponge, and some tape! Remodelaholic has the full DIY.

12. Gold and Silver Leaf Mirrors

Make your own version of Anthropologie's Plated Brushstrokes Mirror by applying gold and silver leaf foil around the edges of frameless mirrors with some spray adhesive. See how it's done on Musings On Momentum.