Copper Pipe Jewelry Holder
credit: 17 Apart

Why would you hide your baubles when they're so beautiful? Don't put them away, put them on display. We think you'll love these practical and eye-pleasing ways to organize your favorite jewels on your bedroom dresser.

1. Poritz & Studio Handmade Wood and Leather Jewelry Box, $230

Wood & Leather Jewelry Box
credit: Food52

Keep the lid open on this box and place your favorite rings and pins on top. The wood will be a striking juxtaposition against your jewels.

2. Anthropologie Golden Branch Jewelry Stand, $38

Golden Branch Jewelry Stand
credit: Anthropologie

Said with a New York accent: "Gorgeous."

3. DIY Faux Concrete Jewelry Cones

DIY Faux Concrete Jewelry Cones
credit: Carrie Waller

Hunker contributor Carrie Waller from Dream Green DIY made these faux concrete jewelry cones from guess what? Air-dry clay. So clever, and less messy than the real deal.

4. Humble Ceramics Mini Stillness Bowl, $25

Humble Ceramics Mini Stillness Bowl
credit: General Store

5. West Elm Cactus Marble Ring Dish, $13

Cactus Marble Ring Dish
credit: West Elm

Fact: A cactus is always cute. Go with it.

6. LiquoriceMoonStudios Seascape Watercolor Jewelry Bowl, $26.71

Those colors! Handmade in Australia, the artist only has a couple of these bowls available on Etsy, but has many more options in her collection that are just as adorable.

7. DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry Display Holder

Copper Piper Jewelry Stand DIY
credit: 17 Apart

The talented husband and wife duo behind the blog 17 Apart created this jewelry stand made from copper pipes and fittings. We love how they took basic materials and used them to make something unexpected.

8. Pottery Barn Antique Gold Jewelry Box, starting at $79

Pottery Barn Antique Gold Jewelry Box
credit: Pottery Barn

This glass and brass box adds a dose of loveliness to your dresser. It comes in two different sizes, so you have plenty of storage opportunities. The fact that you could even monogram it is the icing on the cake.

9. Kendra Scott Small T-Bar Jewelry Stand, $80

Kendra Scott Small T-Bar Jewelry Stand
credit: Kendra Scott

This jewelry stand reminds us of some drawer pulls we've had our eye on at Anthropologie. Imagine having these pulls on the dresser drawers and this stand on top? Perfect match.

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

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