10 Under Bed Storage Solutions to Maximize Your Bedroom Space

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Storing items below your bed isn't just for homeowners and renters with small bedrooms. Everyone has stuff that they don't want on display — from lumpy winter comforters to swimsuits to sweaters. However, if you ​are​ working with a small space, the extra storage can be a godsend. That being said, instead of stuffing your seasonal or rarely used items in the back of the closet never to be found again, consider evicting the dust bunnies from under your bed so you can put the overlooked space to work. And since not all beds are created equal there are a variety of different bedroom storage ideas that will help you declutter and transform the unused area into the perfect hideout for your shoe collection, kids' toys, spare linens, winter clothes, or anything else you might need to stash away.


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Ready to get started? Here are 10 clever ways your bed can pull double-duty.

1. Built-In Drawers

Only you know your exact storage requirements — perhaps you would like more room to store your winter blankets or your oversized ski pants. So splurge on a custom-designed bed that will meet your needs. The built-in bed drawers spotted here go a long way in a 230-square-foot "Nano Pad" studio.


2. Rolling Drawers

While cedar storage options hidden below your bed will never offer ​all​ the benefits of a cedar closet, they can certainly help keep spare linens smelling fresh. Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl created these convenient rolling cedar trays that offer more than just extra bedroom storage — they look pretty, too.


3. Shoe Dividers

If you're obsessed with shoes, storing your collection in one place can prove challenging. That's why this do-it-yourself shoe storage box from Anika's DIY Life is so brilliant. Like the cedar trays, it has casters and can easily roll out from underneath your bed. But it also includes dividers and plexiglass that divide the organizer into shoe cubbies, so you can quickly and easily pick out the perfect pump or sneaker for every occasion.


4. Storage Platform Bed

If you love the look of plush, low-to-the-floor beds, you might think that storing items below your bed isn't feasible. Think again! You just need to think outside of the traditional bed box. This ingenious option from West Elm has a built-in, hidden storage space that you can access in a flash by using the "easy-to-lift pop-up mechanism" to lift the mattress. Problem solved.


5. Wire Baskets

Under-bed storage isn't limited to keeping unwanted items, like winter clothes and extra linens, out of sight. Why not create an opportunity to simultaneously show things off? Always Rooney DIYed a platform bed with open storage. Wire baskets offer the perfect place to corral smaller items and trinkets, while the open shelves are begging to display a gorgeous planter or sentimental tokens.


6. Woven Bins

It's one thing to store items beneath your bed, but retrieving them without a struggle ensuing is an entirely different matter. These easy access storage bins from The Container Store, complete with handles, make grabbing random items less of an ordeal. The woven design makes them aesthetically pleasing plus the open top simplifies the task of storing your seasonal wardrobe or bedding.


7. Bed Risers

If you've ever attempted to stash a stack of blankets beneath a super low bed frame that barely sits above the floor, then you'll appreciate these risers. Versatile as they are functional, the styles for bed risers are aplenty, including wooden and plastic options, adjustable styles, and varying heights to accommodate your individual storage needs.


8. Shoe Organizer Bag

Tossing shoes into your dark abyss of a closet may seem like an ideal way to deal with the footwear you're not planning to wear anytime soon, that is until you plan to wear them. Cut down on missing shoes (and a junky closet space) with a shoe organizer bag. This particular shoe storage container from QVC can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes, plus there are individual compartments to keep them all neatly stored.


9. Under-the-Bed Storage Drawer/Bedside Table Combo

When you're working hard to maximize space in the bedroom, it's essential to invest in creative under-the-bed storage options in the form of multipurpose furniture. We really like this super-nifty storage drawer-meets-bedside table from IKEA. It provides a flat surface for your nightly read and a glass of water, plus three separate shelving compartments that are ideal for more books, extra clothes, or linens.


10. Plastic Storage Bag

This simple clear plastic bag from Target takes it back to the basics, in the most effective way possible. The budget-friendly, under-bed storage option comes with a zippered top that allows you to easily keep track of what's inside. It's also fitted with handles and folds flat when not in use. And if you're concerned about it getting dirty, you can simply spot clean or wipe the surface with a damp cloth.


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