7 Genius Bedroom Storage Ideas We're Stealing Straight From IKEA's Catalog

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There are few things better than curling up in your cozy bedroom at the end of a long day. No emails left to answer, no more work crises to deal with. Suddenly it's just you, your Kindle, a fluffy robe, and a hot cup of tea, and all is right in the world.


At least, that's the way it should be. But there's one thing that can really put a damper on a night of rest and relaxation: Clutter. Mess. The constant reminder that laundry needs to be done and chores should be dealt with, thanks to those ever-growing piles of dirty clothes and stacks of mail.

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That's why we always advocate investing in a few simple bedroom storage pieces that keep clutter at bay, and there isn't a retailer around does it better than IKEA. Keep scrolling for seven genius bedroom storage ideas that we're stealing straight from the big box brand's catalog (and we think you should, too).

1. Store Linens Vertically

A ladder doubles as interesting bedroom storage idea. It's the perfect place to store extra blankets, scarves, sweaters, or accessories without taking up a lot of visual, which is key when you have a lack of square footage.


Get the look: IKEA Tänkvärd Clothes Stand, $49.99

2. Add Storage Options with an Open Wardrobe

An open wardrobe is an ideal storage solution for smaller spaces lacking enough closet space. Make like IKEA and use storage bins to organize clutter in cubbies and then use the surface to display decorative items, like a vase of flowers, candles, and a standing mirror.


Get the look: IKEA Hemnes Open Wardrobe, starting at $149


3. Stash Away Odds and Ends in Style

With textured fabric and sleek labels, you can proudly display these storage boxes on open shelves while concealing loose papers, accessories, electronic cords, and other odds and ends.


Get the look: IKEA Kvarnvik Boxes (set of three), $17.99

4. Install Curtains to Conceal an Organizational System

Does your sanctuary have an awkward corner? Then this bedroom storage idea is perfect for you, especially if you'd prefer not to put your possessions on display. Install drapery to conceal that nook or cranny where you tend to store off-season clothing, bulky shoes, and more.


Get the look: IKEA Aina Curtains, $59.99

5. Turn a Step Stool Into a Nightstand

We love the bedroom storage idea of using a two-step stool as a nightstand for a small space. Use the first step to store your reading material, alarm clock, phone, or virtually anything else.



Get the look: IKEA Bekväm Step Stool, $19.99

6. Hang Hooks in Dead Spaces

If you're short on storage, make the most of dead wall space (think: behind doors) by hanging hooks. A large woven basket adds a spacious compartment to store items like scarves or notebooks that don't otherwise have a home.


Get the look: IKEA Skuggis Hook, $4.99

7. Invest in Versatile Furniture Pieces

In IKEA's words, the Gjöra bed frame "is what you make of it." Here, IKEA stylists propose arranging pillows against the short end, allowing the taller end to double as a clothing rack. Genius.

Get the look: IKEA Gjöra Bed Frame, $459



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