The 25 Most Clever Blanket Storage Ideas

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Depending on where you live, blankets might only come in handy for about five months out of the year. The rest of the time, they can be a storage nightmare — often just haphazardly shoved into a linen closet. We all have at least one cabinet that is overflowing with mismatched blankets and comforters, collecting dust.


But not to worry. There's no need to live in fear of your vast collection of throws. With a little planning and creative thinking, you can once again regain control. From a repurposed towel rack to a DIY ladder, here are 25 attractive storage solutions for all those blankets.

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1. Try a storage table.

There is no rule that says all of your blankets need to be tucked away behind closed doors. Quite the contrary. Instead, give your closet a break and stash a few of your faves in a stylish storage table like this sleek design from IKEA. Not only is this solution stylish and cost-effective, but now you will always have warm and cozy throws conveniently within arm's reach.

2. Utilize blanket baskets.

When it comes to blanket storage ideas, large woven baskets are pretty much a no-brainer. The boho-chic piece of home decor is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to corral your favorite throws while simultaneously adding a hint of natural texture to your abode. And bonus: The blankets don't even necessarily need to be folded — the casually tossed look works, too.


3. Consider a storage crate.

Or perhaps a wooden crate is more your speed? In that case, allow us to turn your attention to this delightful DIY project spotted on Something Turquoise. We love the thoughtful note along the front: ​In case you get cold​.



4. Hide blankets in a storage bench.

At the end of the day, furniture with built-in storage will always reign supreme, especially when said furniture serves more than one purpose. For example, Sara Albers from Alice & Lois transformed a plain IKEA cabinet into a stylish storage bench — adding a wooden top and brass hardware. She even took the hack one step further and created an upholstered backrest that can be mounted to the wall. No one will ever suspect that it's filled with warm, fuzzy blankets (or at least it should be!).


5. Repurpose a freestanding towel rack.

We know what you're thinking ... ​A towel rack?​ Yes, you read that right — the modern bathroom fixture is actually a great way to show off a couple of blankets from your collection. This copper stand on Etsy is definitely worth considering, but there is a seemingly endless array of options on the market — in different sizes, finishes, and price ranges — to choose from. In fact, Target has some starting as low as $14.99.


6. Make a blanket ladder.

A blanket ladder, like this swing-arm design, is a surprisingly easy DIY project. But don't just take our word for it — get the step-by-step instructions from Hunker contributor Carrie Waller. The best thing about a blanket rack is how easily you can move it around from one room to another, with no other requirement than an empty section of wall to lean it against.



7. Use throw blankets as decorative accents.

This may seem obvious, but instead of hiding all of your blankets in a dark cabinet, never to be seen again, showcase them throughout your house. Not only do blankets help keep you warm and toasty, but they also add a soft and cozy layer to your space that incorporates color, pattern, and texture. Drape one over the sofa or an accent chair or throw one across your bed as a way to complement the rest of the room's decor.


8. Install a door hanger.

Imagine looking around the house for your go-to blanket and not being able to find it. Did you leave it in the dryer? Is it buried in the back of your closet? Save yourself precious time and energy with a door hanger. This blanket storage idea will make finding your favorite snuggly blanket a breeze.


9. Create a (neat) storage area under your bed.

While the thought of stowing items underneath your bed sounds like a clutter crisis waiting to happen, sometimes this just can't be helped — especially if you live in a small apartment where square footage is scarce. The key to this bed storage idea is to use containers to neatly hold your blankets so they won't take up any more space than necessary.



10. Make room for a linen cabinet.

Instead of placing your blankets in a closet or a dresser drawer where they will have to share space with a multitude of other items, consider making room for a dedicated storage cabinet. Julie Blanner chose this beautiful family antique to house her cozy blankets and throws, which offers plenty of room to neatly accommodate her collection, as opposed to stuffing it all onto one tiny shelf.

11. Utilize pull-out shelves.

Here, Studio McGee offers a clever blanket storage idea that's perfect for small spaces: slide-out shelving. The individual shelves, complete with baskets, will allow your quilts, comforters, and throws to be stowed away neatly. Plus, the slide-out function will make it easy to quickly spot what you're looking for with little to no struggle.

12. Invest in a storage bed.

As tempting as it is to haphazardly shove blankets into a closet during a frenzied attempt to cross seasonal organization off of your to-do list, the key to blanket storage is efficiency. That's why we love beds with built-in drawers that are the perfect place to neatly stash your winter faves. Not to mention, if you get cold in the middle of the night, you don't even have to get out of bed to grab a blanket.


13. Hang storage baskets on the wall.

Whether you're a stickler for saving space or you're big on attractive storage solutions, we think that baskets hanging from wall hooks meets both criteria. While this storage idea goes against the traditional "out of sight, out of mind" approach, it provides a decorative touch while simultaneously corralling your blankets. Group them by color, style, material, or size.

14. Go with wire storage bins on wheels.

Mobile storage options are the best, and that's not up for debate, particularly if your living space is short on square footage. We love the use of a wire bin on wheels to stash spare blankets, making them easily accessible whenever and ​wherever​ they are needed.

15. Display them with wall hooks.

You've invested a lot of money on your blankets — plus, you have literally zero cabinet space left — so why not store them right out in the open? Follow the lead of Lot 35 Homes and fill a blank wall with your cozy collection. All you need is a handful of wall hooks and voilà ... you have a blanket wall showcasing beautiful colors, textures, and patterns.

16. Make the best use of shelving with the rolling method.

This extremely well-organized linen closet from The Home Edit owes part of its tidiness to the rolling method. We all know how messy and challenging it can be to neatly stow blankets away, but if you struggle with folding, simply roll them up in a neat bundle on your shelves or in your cubbies. Not only does this look better than a messy wad bunched up in the corner, but it will also maximize your space.

17. Utilize vertical space.

When every cabinet and drawer is stuffed to the gills, it's time to take advantage of your vertical space. Consider mounting a storage rack, like this one spotted on Etsy, to the wall. This convenient design is a great way to store your throws within arm's reach ​and​ keep your floor space clear of yet another piece of bulky furniture.

18. Employ a bookcase.

Have more blankets than the average person? No problem. Take note of this storage idea and dedicate an entire bookcase to your collection. All of the cubbies will allow you adequate space to store all of your blankets in one place. And bonus: If you live in a studio or loft, you can use the storage unit to separate one area from another.

19. Opt for storage bins.

For the organizer who prefers closed storage for literally everything, these lovely felt-covered storage bins from Open Spaces are for you. Their slim design makes them perfect to stash under the bed or sofa, but they are attractive enough to stand alone in a corner. Either way, they will keep your blankets neatly tucked away for a cold or rainy day.

20. Or buy a few storage bags.

Don't underestimate the power and convenience of storage bags. We love this zippered canvas number from The Laundress. The bags are available in different sizes and the attractive design ensures they won't be a glaring eyesore every time you open the closet door. However, if space is limited, you can also consider vacuum-sealed bags that work miracles when it comes to storing bulky cold weather blankets with ease. Once the compression is complete, simply slide your blanket-filled bags under the bed, on a shelf, or in a dresser drawer.

21. Try an end-of-bed blanket box.

An end-of-bed blanket box is yet another simple and easy way to store a few of your go-to throws. For instance, this cute rustic design spotted on Etsy would look right at home in a farmhouse bedroom. It's crafted from reclaimed wine crates, and comes with a pale gray or navy lid — or you can provide the fabric of your choice instead. The storage box is spacious enough to accommodate a single blanket or a few (although it might be a tight squeeze).

22. Stash them in an old suitcase (or two).

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Suitcases might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about blanket storage, but they actually work quite well. However, don't just go for any old bag — search flea markets, garage sales, and maybe your parents' attic for a couple of vintage suitcases. The off-white pair showcased in this bedroom injects loads of character. Not to mention, they are a flawless match to the color scheme. You'd never guess that they are filled with blankets.

23. Make room on your shoe rack.

Sharing is caring​ is a universal sentiment, and it totally applies to your storage space. If you live in a tiny home, studio, or small apartment, you already know this to be true. That said, we're hoping it won't take too much convincing for you to see the benefit of making room on your shoe rack for a few blankets.

24. Tuck them away in a storage trunk.

Image Credit: Oscar Cariss

Nothing says chic storage like a timeless storage trunk. They serve a purpose while bringing personality and intrigue to any space they occupy. If you stumble upon an irresistible deal at an antique shop or estate sale, don't hesitate. And not to worry, they can absolutely be cleaned before placing your blankets inside.

25. Employ a storage ottoman.

Take this opportunity to solve two problems at once: a lack of seating ​and​ storage. You might be wondering, "How do you do that?" It's easy — all you need is an ottoman with built-in, hidden storage. It's an ideal and super convenient way to stash your cozy throws. And luckily, there are a ton of options on the market — ranging in size, material, design style — that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your home decor.



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