Hunker Recommends: These Are Our Absolute Favorite Blankets Ever

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Whether your winter temps are hovering around single digits or a below-60 degree day is enough to make you pull out the fleece (ahem, guilty), no one can deny the power of a cozy blanket. It can make you feel warm and snuggly, safe and comforted, and even heavy enough to battle any sleeplessness anxiety or nerves can cause. But, here at Hunker, we know that not just any blanket will do — and we want to help. Here are eight blankets that the Hunker staff swears by.


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Anthropologie Edna Embellished Throw Blanket, $128

"I love everything about this blanket — it's large and well-made, heavy, and soft enough to keep me warm, and looks great wherever it's thrown on the couch or bed. It's the perfect practical-but-attractive piece of decor." — Katie Maguire, Commerce Editor


Baloo Cotton Weighted Blanket, $149

"My sister got me a weighted blanket from Baloo for the holidays after I had been complaining that I couldn't find a classy-looking weighted blanket. They sell linen duvet covers for them, so you can find a color to suit your decor. I have the twin size which is basically the perfect person-size. It is so calming — I keep it on the couch and use it every night with a hot water bottle. Super cozy and relaxing for winter." — Leonora Epstein, Senior Director


Unhide Lil' Marsh Weight Blanket, $65

"Not only does Unhide's Lil' Marshmallow in beige look great as decor on my bed, it's the softest, coziest blanket I've ever owned! It's light and fluffy, yet still warm. My cat agrees. He's completely obsessed and has slept on it/me every night since I've gotten it. Added bonus, it's cruelty-free and made of faux fur, so no furry animals were harmed in the making of my favorite throw." — Lacey Won, Senior Social Media Manager


Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw Blanket, $147

"I love this throw blanket so much that at one point, I seriously considered getting another to take to my seamstress and beg for it to be made into a sweater. (Then I realized they also sell wraps — problem solved.) It's incredibly soft, but it also has a little bit of a stretch to it, so you drape it over your shoulders and it sort of clings to your body. It's super cozy but not at all heavy, so it's perfect for napping year-round and is a great choice for people who live in warmer climates." — Gina Goff, Director of Audience Development


YnM Weighted Blanket, $79.90

"I've always thought good quality weighted blankets were hundreds of dollars, but this Amazon blanket is super affordable! I wish I got it sooner because now I sleep like a baby." — Elise Arant, Social Media Specialist


Baby Jade Deluxe Throws, $150

"I love Baby Jade blankets because they are so soft, feel luxurious, and are handmade. My family of four likes to get super cozy and hunker down, and so we have one on every bed, on our couches, and also tucked away in baskets for when we need to grab one for a movie night guest. Also, my dogs are obsessed with them. Where there's a blanket, there's a dog, because they are the seekers of all things soft." — Laurie Grossman, Director, Editorial Operations


Sackcloth & Ashes Darling Grey, $129

"For every blanket you buy, they give a blanket to a homeless shelter. Plus, I love the range of varieties and styles. Make your purchases meaningful and socially supportive!" — Branche Foston, Social Media Specialist, Influencers & Community


Woolino Merino Toddler Blanket, $99.99

"I love the Merino Wool toddler blanket by Woolino. It's so soft and is perfect for all seasons. They have cute prints, too. My son loves it — I just wish they made them in adult sizes." — Colette Dazé, Hunker House Manager