7 Storage Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

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With square footage shrinking and prices rising, storage is as important as ever. And sometimes, in order to make room for everything and to simplify your life, you just need to get a little creative. Allow us to do the thinking for you by checking out these seven awesome storage ideas you may not have thought of.


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1. Over-the-kitchen-sink Storage

Sick of water pooling around your dish soap and scrubber every time you use them? Then why not hang them rather than setting them on the counter? Ikea's Fintorp series offers a variety of utensil stands to hang on the wall at an affordable price point.

2. A Dog Food Station With Storage

Make trekking out to the garage to grab a scoop of dog food yesterday's news by DIYing this handy kibble station. It's a one-stop-shop, because dog food can be stored right inside.

3. Over-the-toilet Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have a place in the bathroom, too. If space around your toilet is too tight for one of those over-the-toilet standing shelves, floating shelves may be the solution for you. Plus, they look clean and minimalistic — who doesn't like that?

4. A Hanging Fruit and Veggie Basket

Sick of that lone plate on your countertop holding all your fruits and veggies? Well, your produce could be hanging out instead. Like, in a hanging fruit and veggie basket. This one from Etsy retails for $48 and doubles as fun and colorful decor, too.


5. An Over-the-toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are having a moment, but did you know you can place them above your toilet, too? Now that's the trendiest bathroom we've ever seen. You can purchase this one on Amazon for $54.50.

6. Perfume Storage on a Cake Stand

Do us a favor and use your imagination on this one: Cake stands are a glamorous place to store your perfume bottles. This keeps them organized and off the counter and also doubles as a pretty decor piece. This stunning marble and brass option costs $44 at West Elm, but if you already have an unused cake stand laying around, by all means — put it to good use! Why keep your nice pieces all tucked away, just to be seen on special occasions?

7. A Garden Tool Storage DIY

Keep your garden tools upright and separated with this DIY. It just involves two wooden planks hammered into a wall with small pieces of PVC pipe nailed to both the top and bottom. Because there's nothing quite as frustrating as trying to untangle an unsightly gaggle of garden tools stored in a plastic container, right?


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