7 Bathroom Organization Ideas That'll Keep Your Space Looking Spotless

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A pretty, organized bathroom is one of those anomalies that you constantly see in magazines but it always seems impossible to recreate in your own home. Between shampoo bottles, mountains of towels, hair straighteners, makeup, razors, soaps, and the list goes on, it can be overwhelming to find a way to style it all into a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing space. We get it. Trust us. That's why we scoured the internet for the best bathroom organization ideas straight from a few of our favorite designers (so you know they're good). Keep reading to find out exactly how to organize your personal sanctuary — master bath or powder room — to keep it looking so fresh and so clean.


1. Store toothbrushes and soaps in pretty vessels.

Trevor Timson of Timson Home used inexpensive glassware to keep soap and toothbrushes tidy in plain sight, making this bathroom organization idea just as pretty as it is functional. Bonus: No more soapy scum on your pretty bathroom vanity.

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2. Keep linens within arm's reach.

Adding a ladder to a bathroom for towel storage, as Shea McGee of Studio McGee did in this grand master bath, is undoubtedly a chic design choice while upping storage beyond a single, traditional towel rack. Win-win.


3. Place baskets underneath exposed vanities.

If you have an exposed vanity, place a basket or two underneath your sink à la Amber Lewis to stow extra hand towels or everyday products while keeping your space tidy and clutter-free.


4. Add counter space with a strategically placed side table.

When Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley recently refreshed her bathroom, she rather ingeniously added a side table to account for the lack of counter space at her sink area. Bonus tip: Add a tray on top of the table or the back of the toilet to corral items like perfume, candles, or tiny plant.



5. Opt for built-in solutions (when you can).

Knocking over bottles of shampoo and stepping on your razor isn't exactly the best way to start the day. A built-in shower niche, like this one in a marble shower designed by Shea from Studio McGee, is a genius bathroom organization idea that clears up clutter while looking streamlined and chic.


6. Make use of wall space with accordion storage.

We love this small bathroom organization idea which is ideal when you have very little floor space but ample wall space. An accordion-style rack not only feels eclectic and fun, but also perfectly practical for hanging towels, loofahs, and robes.


7. Clean up exposed storage with ... more storage.

Glass-front cabinets are both a blessing and a curse. While they can be a great focal point, they're definitely less so when chock-full of half-empty bottles and disheveled boxes of cotton swabs. Adding ceramic canisters, woven baskets, and a simple jewelry stand will contribute to a clean, sleek bathroom design, rather than detract from it.



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