16 Beauty Brands So Pretty, It'd Be Criminal Not to Display Them

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Decor should reflect who you are. And here's who we are: full-blown beauty addicts. Beauty products offer a twofold benefit: They make you look good, but they can also make your vanity or bathroom look even better. Here, a selection of beauty companies creating items so gorgeous, you won't be able to resist keeping them on display:


1. French Girl Organics

Completely vegan and organic, French Girl's products embrace the effortlessness of Parisian beauty with simple yet luxe offerings. The packaging is minimalist-classic with glass containers showcasing modern black-and-white labels — the kind of design that really stands out on a dressing table.


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Our Pick: Lumière Body Oil Duo, $85

The colors in this body oil duo are completely mesmerizing, and that's just what they look like in the bottle. Once on your skin, the "bronzing" oil will give you a slight golden touch, while "moonlight" leaves a pearlescent trace.


2. Bésame

Fascinated with her grandmother's beauty routine, Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez seeks to revive a lost vintage art of primping with products inspired by the production and packaging of the 1940s.


Our Pick: Cake Mascara, $25

While we're all over Bésame's classic red lipsticks housed in eye-catching gold cases, the one product you must try is the completely old school cake mascara. Plus, that burgundy-and-gold box is to die.

3. Rodin

Founded by legendary stylist Linda Rodin, her namesake beauty company has a small focus — the core is a collection of luxurious face and body oils, with a handful of creams and lip products in the mix. The packaging is nothing short of perfect, with clear, boxy containers that give off that rich lady vibe.



Our Pick: Lip Balm, $34

Nothing gets purer than this balm, made of a mix of natural oils, beeswax, and aloe leaf extract.

4. Lanolips

The chief ingredient in Lanolips' products? Lanolin, aka the grease from sheeps' wool, which may sound iffy at first, but has long been used by farmers to soften hands and chapped bits. Magical properties aside, Lanolips' cult following also comes thanks to their adorable packaging, which feels vintage-inspired without going off the kitschy deep end.


Our Pick: 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, $17

It's called 101 for its literal 101 uses but we'll just name a few: healing paper cuts, keeping brows in place, calming insect bites, moisturizing nasal passages ...

5. Oribe

If you don't know Oribe, then oh my goodness what have you been doing with yourself? It's a top-of-the-line haircare brand and let's just say this: These products transform your hair. Of course, half of the magic comes with the sexy branding — think shiny bottles in dark hues with regal gold lettering.



Our Pick: Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, $44

This blowout cream is tops, and that jungle green tube is just what your dresser has been missing.

6. Baxter of California

Let's not forget the boys. Founded in 1965, Baxter of California had a rebirth in the 2000s as a cooler lifestyle brand, offering men's grooming products whose packaging balances tradition with today. With the right strategic placement, their signature blue bottles are basically standalone decor.


Our Pick: Deodorant, $19

We're hooked on this natural deodorant, which has a citrus/herbal musk fragrance.

7. Surratt

There's something very '80s-glam about Surratt's vibe, and we're all about it.


Our Pick: Prismatique Lips, $36

These shimmery lipsticks use prismatic Japanese pigments to create sheer hues that completely dazzle.


8. Aesop

Yes, Aesop is quite ubiquitous, but that's probably because the product is good and the packaging is so adaptable.


Our Pick: Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash, $39

Every guest bath can benefit from a fancy hand wash, and this one will literally make your place feel like a hotel.

9. Daughter of the Land

This small skincare company does things naturally, with body oils that offer different benefits (balancing, hydrating, deep moisture) and a few bar soaps that also function as shampoos.

Our Pick: Deep Moisture Sage and Grass Body Oil, $48

We fully admit that we picked this product because the colors on the box are just too gorgeous to pass up. But the deep moisturizing sounds good, too.

10. Edward Bess

In 2006, Edward Bess was a 20-year-old boy wonder with a line of lipsticks at Bergdorf's. A decade later, Bess's branding — glossy black cases with white block lettering — is still his signature and his bold-hued cosmetics have proved their staying power.


Our Pick: Marbleized Rose Gold Highlighting Powder, $55

This compact offers a rose gold hue that will literally make you seem like you're glowing.

11. Tatcha

Tatcha builds on the secrets and wisdom of Japanese beauty with modern-day science to create elegant and gentle skincare products that have developed a cult following. Plus, the packaging — usually featuring a lavender or aqua ombre fade — is something you won't stop staring at.

Our Pick: Water Cream, $68

This super-hydrating cream feels like a burst of water as you rub it on your face and is packed with hella awesome ingredients like Japanese wild rose and leopard lily.

12. Winky Lux

NYC-based Winky Lux is all about fun (their spirit animal is, after all, a poodle) without the harsh stuff (no parabens, sulfates, or gluten here). The irresistible offerings are ultra-girly with floral boxes, shiny gold tubes, and pops of color everywhere — exactly what your boudoir has been missing.

Our Pick: Steal My Heart Lipstick, $14

A pill-shaped, silver-gold lipstick with a sheer pink hue will add a little bit of glam to your getup.

13. Byredo

Swedish fragrance brand Byredo is famous for both its bold, minimalist packaging and its scents, which are distinctive without being overbearing.

Our Pick: Blanche Hand Cream, $36

Blanche is one of our favorite Byredo blends — it's as if fresh laundry landed on your skin.

14. Kjaer Weis

Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis founded her cosmetics brand with the goal of making luxury cosmetics both organic and sustainable. All of the packaging — hefty, architectural metal boxes — are meant to be refilled, so the investment is one that lasts.

Our Pick: Lip Tint in "Dream State," $49

The Kjaer Weis gateway product is of course the lip tint in its iconic swivel-top case. "Dream State" is a nude-beige balm that's universally flattering.

15. Milk

Milk might be the ultimate cool-girl makeup brand thanks to its undeniably hip history (it was born out Milk Studios, photo studios in L.A. and NYC). People are crazy for their highlighters and foundations that come in unexpected forms like chubby sticks or rollerball dispensers.

Our Pick: Cooling Water, $24

Run this stick over your temples or under eyes during your afternoon slump — made from soothing seawater and caffeine, it sort of feels like you're tracing a non-wet ice cube all over your face.

16. R+Co

R+Co is a collective of "rule-bending hairdressers," and that's totally evident in the artistic direction (the bottles usually feature loud graphic prints or Insta-worthy pics) and the inventiveness of the products , both in their formulas and names. For example, "Oblivion" is a gel conditioner, "Aircraft" is a pomade mousse, "Trophy" is a shine and texture spray, etc.

Our Pick: Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist, $28

Love dry shampoo, but hate the dusty residue it leaves on your vanity table? Enter R+Co's latest invention, "Spiritualize," which is "a micellar formula that has suspended cleansing powder leaving hair and scalp feeling cleaner than regular dry shampoos — with no powdery residue."



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