Overstuffed Linen Closet, Meet 8 Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas to Save the Day

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As far as we're concerned, a bathroom is so much more than a place where you brush your teeth, fix your makeup, and master that close shave. Like any other room in your house, it has the power to be a sanctuary — you know, somewhere that you'd actually want to draw a bath after a long day and relax. Your bathroom can be your little slice of heaven, so it's important to design every square inch with care. Yes, that includes coming up with some cool bathroom towel storage ideas.


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There's a good chance that you spent a lot of time, money, and research finding the perfect bathroom towels for your space — something soft, absorbent, and dries quickly — but you haven't put much thought into where you're going to store 'em. And let's be honest: Stuffing your bathroom towels in a random cabinet or in the back of your closet isn't doing your linens any favors.

Your bathroom towels might serve a strictly utilitarian purpose (read: to dry you off), but that doesn't mean they can't become a design moment, too. Below are eight smart bathroom towel storage ideas that you can easily bring into any space — yes, even yours.

Towel Storage Idea #1: Add a Ladder

Turns out, ladders aren't just for renovation tasks around the house; they double as a great bathroom towel storage idea. Not only will this addition give your bathroom California-cool flair, but different rungs are also perfect for storing (and drying) the whole family's towels. But instead of plucking your old ladder out of the garage, pick up a sleeker, indoor-friendly alternative like the one in this space designed by Amber Lewis.

Towel Storage Idea #2: Embrace Open-Concept Shelving

Open shelving has been all the rage in the kitchen — but works just as well in the bathroom, too. Looking for a DIY project? You can easily master this bathroom towel storage idea by installing a shelf or two on your own. Once you're done, inject some personality by adding glass jars filled with soaps and sponges to your shelves. Let designer Nicole Davis show you how it's done.


Towel Storage Idea #3: Beautify Your Home's Bones

Some of the best parts of a home or apartment are the little details that give it character, so why not play them up as you decorate your space? Placing your bathroom towels on a built-in shelving unit, like Cathy and Garrett from The Grit and Polish did, can make your storage strategy feel like an intentional design decision instead of an afterthought.

Towel Storage Idea #4: Defy Gravity

Don't worry, small space dwellers: we have a bathroom towel storage idea for you, too. Capitalize on your bathroom's real estate by installing a vertical hanging storage system. The iron shelving system that designer Jaclyn Peters employed looks sharp and can easily be hung anywhere — including above a toilet or bathroom sink. That's a win-win in our book.

Towel Storage Idea #5: Consider Chic Containers

Ready to take your bathroom to the next level? Placing pristine, white bath towels in a basket or storage container will make your space feel like a spa. Take a cue from blogger Monika Hibbs and pick up a storage basket that speaks to your style.


Towel Storage Idea #6: Create Negative Space

There's something about filling a cabinet or counter's negative space with fluffy towels that makes us feel like we're in a five-star hotel. If you want to recreate this look in your own home, take a page out of The Grit and Polish's design book and remove one cabinet drawer. Genius!

Towel Storage Idea #7: Through the Looking Glass

If you have to store your bathroom towels in a linen cabinet, might we recommend selecting a cabinet with glass doors à la designer Katie Hackworth? That way, you can show off your fancy washcloths and bath sheets, plus you'll be able to easily deduce how much longer you can put off doing laundry.

Towel Storage Idea #8: Consider a New Vanity Cabinet

You don't have to completely remodel your bathroom to make room for your fluffy towel collection. Consider investing in a new, roomier vanity cabinet instead. Designer Nicole Davis opted for this double vanity option with open shelving below each sink, perfect for towel storage.


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