Proper Height for Towel Bar Installation

The height of a towel bar varies depending who uses it, personal preference and whether additional bars are installed on the same wall. While there is no set rule for proper towel bar height, most contractors shoot for 48 inches above the floor for bathrooms primarily used for adults, or as low as 30 inches for a children's rack. Habitat for Humanity sets the bar higher, to 54 inches in the homes it constructs.


Towel Bar Basics

Install a towel bar at a height where those using it can reach it easily, while keeping it visually aligned with other items along the same wall; for instance, if the top of a sink is at 34 inches, the towel bar may be installed at this height for visual continuity.

Another way to decide height is to take the largest towel used in the bathroom, fold it in half and hang the towel bar slightly higher than the height of the folded towel. If installing one towel bar above another, 48 inches is generally the highest to install the bar, otherwise it may be difficult to reach comfortably for some. Adjust a single towel bar up or down within the 30- to 54-inch range, based on the height of those using the towel bar the most.