These 7 Bathroom Drawer Organizing Ideas Are the Easiest Way to Clear Out Clutter

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If you're hoping to have less clutter, you're not alone. But often, the hardest part of organizing a mess is just knowing where to start. Consider this a sign: Start with your bathroom drawer organization.


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These are the spaces that hold makeup, brushes, lotions, and teeth cleaning essentials — basically, all of the toiletries you use every single day. And if this space looks like you've been throwing things wherever they'll fit for far too long, it's time to make it right. Not only will better organization help you find things faster when you're getting ready, but you'll also be able to keep these products cleaner (say goodbye to makeup residue all over everything).

We've rounded up a few stylish and functional dividers, organizers, and trays that will make it easy to keep your bathroom drawers looking great.

1. West Elm Polished Brass Vanity Boxes, $30

If you're looking for a stylish take on bathroom drawer or countertop organizing, these little gold vanity boxes would be perfect. They come in small and large sizes and would be perfect for holding makeup products or even cotton balls or swabs. They're so pretty, you may even want to leave them on the countertop.

2. Bambüsi Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Dividers, $19.71

These adjustable drawer dividers are a sleek way of integrating some organization into bathroom drawers that are small or non-standard sizes. They're fully adjustable and don't waste any extra space, so you can move them around whenever you need them. Plus, they come in gray, natural wood, and white, so you can even make them look like they were built into the drawers.


3. Three By Three Seattle Drawer Organizer (set of 5), $16.58

If you can't bear the thought of having drawers that don't match your Memphis Design aesthetic, look no further than this set of poppy drawer organizers. You can neatly hide away all of your cosmetics and toiletries while not in use and pull out individual ones while doing makeup, painting nails, or getting ready for bed.

4. Dotted Line Clare Drawer Organizer, $22.99

If you only need a bit of extra organization, this compact drawer unit is perfect. It's clear and offers six varying sized compartments to get even minimalists more organized.

5. Poeland Drawer Organizer, $12.99

These milky white drawer organizers will add an air of calm to your bathroom drawers. The little containers come in a set of five: one big tray, one mid-sized tray, and three small trays. All of them are perfect for storing everything from beauty products to smaller hair accessories or jewelry.

6. The Container Store Luxe Acrylic 7-Section Divided Palette Insert, $7.99


Figuring out how to store makeup palettes can be a serious headache. This little acrylic storage container makes it super easy. Not only can you store a bunch of them, but you'll also be able to have them on display so you can see everything and get more use out of your palettes.

7. Dotted Line 5-Piece Drawer Organizer, $24.99

This bamboo organizer can be adjusted to drawers from 13 to 22 inches, which is the perfect solution for maximizing your drawer space. Store makeup brushes or pencils on the sides, and organize all of your shadows, blushes, or lipsticks in the middle.