Target Hearth & Hand Magnolia Bath Canister for bathroom countertop storage
credit: Target

We'll be the first to admit that our bathroom counters exist in a perpetual state of disarray. Between the overflow of new top-shelf additions that, in our case, won't actually fit in the medicine cabinet, a small arsenal of heat-styling tools, and a very lonely candle we optimistically hoped would imbue the space with a zen-like vibe, there's not much square footage to work with. But a quick scroll through Instagram shows pic after pic of airy, organized countertops — how do they do that?! — and armed with tons of inspo, we're ready to make a change. If your bathroom is similarly in need of an organization overhaul and you're saddled with precious little counter space to make it all happen, we're with you. Here are the most promising bathroom countertop solutions that we've found to date. May the organization odds be ever in your favor.

1. Twist and Shout

You've heard of lazy Susans — well, this is her productive, wake-up-and-go sister. A swivel mechanism makes it easy to grab just the right makeup brush (or eyeliner pencil), even when you haven't had your first cup of coffee yet.

2. Mirror, Mirror

Pottery Barn Mirrored Tiered Tray bathroom countertop storage
credit: Pottery Barn

Something about this posh mirrored makeup tray makes us feel like we're primping in a fancy hotel — and the reflective surface can help even the most cramped bathrooms feel a little more airy and spacious.

3. Keep Calm and Carry

The modern perforated metal of this handy caddy gives it a sleek, streamlined look that wouldn't be out of place on even the most minimalist bathroom counters. Plus, your favorite pampering essentials will always be packed and at the ready in case you want to have a spa sesh in front of the TV (#selfcare).

4. Natural Beauty

Amazon Tiny Tree Bamboo Organizer for bathroom countertop storage
credit: Amazon

With all of the rattan and natural fibers trending lately, we could see this fitting in nicely with a more Jungalow-esque bathroom scheme. Maybe pop a succulent on top for a little added organic appeal?

5. Rise and Shine

glass bathroom countertop storage with brass trim
credit: H&M Home

This bathroom countertop storage option combines the beauty and simplicity of glass with the corralling powers of a chic organizer (especially for little items that tend to roll off of the counter — we're looking at you, mini mascara). The light-catching brass trim might even make getting ready in the A.M. feel fun and glamorous (as if!).

6. Minimalist Mornings

Anthropologie Streamlined bathroom countertop storage
credit: Anthropologie

Sometimes, less is really more — and that's definitely true with this bathroom countertop storage option, which includes multiple routes to decluttering bliss. Drape necklaces over its minimalist metal frame, or use it to hold makeup brushes (or even toothbrushes!) upright.

7. Up and At 'Em

We're not here to shame you, beauty product hoarders. Clear acrylic bathroom countertop storage options come in every configuration under the sun, but if space is at a premium (and with so many samples to try, let's assume it is), there's nowhere to go but up. Build your own intense tower of trays and drawers with an interlocking system like this one, and you'll never misplace your holy-grail concealer again.

8. Spin City

Revolving Tiered Beauty Organizer for bathroom countertop storage
credit: Hiier Living

If you're into the rotating caddy idea but need a bit more bathroom countertop storage than a one-tier lazy Susan provides, may we introduce this gleaming tower of maximalist-approved goodness, complete with trendy scalloped trim.

9. Double Up

Target Hearth & Hand Magnolia Bath Canister for bathroom countertop storage
credit: Target

We thought we didn't have enough space for those chic apothecary-style containers in our bathrooms, too, until we discovered these genius two-tier gems from Target. Fancy cotton ball storage, here we come.

10. Keep It Simple

Metal Storage Basket for bathroom countertop storage
credit: Hiier Living

Sometimes the best solution is the easiest one, right? If you're good at keeping your beauty routine to five steps or less, a modern farmhouse-style wire basket like this one could be your best friend. (Pro-tip: even basic rolled washcloths look elevated and guest-worthy in one of these.)

Emily Bihl

Emily Bihl

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