When it comes to the bathroom vanity, I do try to embrace a less is more ethos. Does everyone in the house need to see the 13 different Sephora face and body samples I'm trying this week? Not really. But do I want my cleansers, toothbrush, and other daily tools in the fight against dirt and aging within arm's reach? Yes, of course. Should it all look relatively pleasing to the eye, in case company's coming? Sure.

The keyword, of course, being try. After a hectic morning, the bathroom vanity can look like a crime scene of open bottles, discarded curling irons, and toothpaste drips.

To rein in the chaos, you can...

1. Borrow from the kitchen.

Colorful Italian glasses
credit: Global Table

I can't tell you how many things I have stored in all the old Bon Maman jam jars I've hoarded over the years. But really, any old glass will do — the more colorful or vintage (or both!) the better. If you put three in a row, somehow it's a set.

2. Embrace the apothecary vibe.

Put your cotton balls and Q-tips in apothecary jars and all of a sudden the bathroom feels vintage and spa-like.

3. Hide everything in plain sight.

Small countertop drawers
credit: Pottery Barn

This petite set of drawers sits on the counter, keeping your skincare addiction out of sight (but not out of mind).

4. Try something tray chic.

Trays make everything better, and long narrow ones on the vanity can display your prettier essentials.

Marble-like vanity tray
credit: CB2

5. Embrace the miscellany.

Clear round storage containers holding smaller items
credit: Hay

You don't necessarily need a drop spot to put your rings when you wash your hands or drop a hairpin when you fix your hair — but it helps (especially if it's super chic).

6. Treat your toothbrushes right**.**

Most of the time, I just leave my toothbrush on the counter, but you don't have to be a slob like me. Chic toothbrush storage is serious #adulting.

Minimalist white toothbrush stand
credit: Yamazaki Home
Minimalist toothbrush stands in various colors
credit: Amazon

7. Tame those hair tools.

Simple white hair tool organizer
credit: Yamazaki Home

Hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons — and all the crazy products that you use with them — can wreak havoc on a bathroom vanity. Contain the chaos!

8. Get matchy-matchy**.**

Matching modern bathroom set in white and black
credit: Anthropologie

Although matchy-matchy usually makes me cringe, in the bathroom, where we utilize so many disparate potions and pills and products, having unified storage does bring a little visual calm.

9. Don't forget the soap

Concrete soap dishes in various colors
credit: Etsy

Elevate the requisite soap with a dish that feels chic.

10. Splurge where it counts

Wall-mount lighted mirror
credit: simplehuman

If you are the type to do elaborate skin care in the bathroom, or, more importantly, your makeup, then what you need is a clean, well-lit place to see your pores.

11. Add at least one personal touch.

Scissors that look like a bird
credit: Hay

Fresh flowers? Maybe not every day. But a small plant or something vintage-inspired (like these scissors or ring holder below) can make a generic vanity into one that feels uniquely you.

Get the look: Hay Beak Scissors, $20

Vintage glass ringholder shaped like a hand
credit: Chairish

Laura Lambert

Laura Lambert

Laura Lambert is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor who covers lifestyle, design, and women's health.