The 11 Best Bath Pillows for the Ultimate Home Spa

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Did you know there's a way to make your bath even more luxurious than it already is? Enter the bath pillow. These plush accessories add both comfort and support to your head, neck, shoulders, and back as you recline in the bathtub. No more resting your head on porcelain, acrylic, or whatever ultra-hard surface your tub is made of. Bath pillows make a perfect self-care addition to your routine or a great gift for your favorite bubble bath lover alongside a cute loofah and bath bomb.


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There are loads of bath pillows on the market, which means there's a perfect fit for people of all ages, with all different priorities. From cooling gel pillows to ergonomic designs and more, here are 11 bath pillows that will elevate your spa setup completely.

The 11 Best Bath Pillows for the Ultimate Home Spa

Slyfoam prioritizes ergonomic design — eliminating tension in the head, neck, back, and shoulders. Designed to fit nearly all tubs, it's crafted from breathable and quick-drying mesh material, and features six heavy-duty suction cups so there's no fear of slipping.


Symple Stuff prides itself on comfortable and sustainable materials. This luxury bathtub pillow is made of organic Tencel fabric from natural plants, which is often used for maternal and infant products for its non-toxic properties and delicate feel. The pillow's double panel silhouette is crafted for ultimate flexibility, so you'll find the perfect position every time.


You really can't go wrong with this cute, high-quality, and affordable option. It dries fast, is machine washable, includes six strong suction cups, and features a hook for easy storage.


A new take on a classic, this gel pillow does so much more than just function as a headrest. Benefit from cooling therapeutic beads while you recline by placing the pillow in your fridge for an hour before use. The little gel beads will massage your neck for the ultimate spa experience.


This trio might just be the best gift ever. In addition to a supportive and adorable bath pillow, you'll enjoy a wine glass holder and drain cover to keep your tub at the ideal water level. Transform your bathroom into a full-blown restorative retreat.


Created for a tub or jacuzzi, this thick, ultra-plush pillow includes a built-in drying hook and a pocket to hold other relaxing bath accessories. Plus, it comes with a free loofah to seriously up your relaxation game.


This is Amazon's best-selling bath pillow, and for good reason. Offered in seven stylish colors, this model is completely waterproof — unlike the quick-drying yet absorbent mesh fabric featured in most models —and comes in three different sizes for ultimate customization.


And the award for cutest bath pillow easily goes to this sweet little panda. It's our top pick for toddlers but it will certainly bring a smile to anyone's face.

This pretty little shell design definitely has our favorite look of the bunch. Enjoy the feel of velvety-soft microfiber attached to two large suction cups. This is a great option if you're just looking for a soft, cute place to lay your head instead of an ergonomically designed support pillow.

Another best-seller on the list, this bath cushion is made from comfortable, breathable mesh — ideal for sensitive skin. The fabric also quickly air dries and has four suctions attached to the back.

Last but certainly not least, this full-body bath pillow gives cushiony comfort from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It has a whopping 21 suction cups, perfectly mixes softness and support, and mirrors the feeling of a normal mattress. The purchase also includes a scraper to help lift the suction cups and a washing machine bag to protect the suctions from getting ruined. Bath time will never be the same.

Bath Pillow Buying Guide

Here's everything to keep in mind while narrowing down your options.

1. Comfort

We promise there's a comfortable option for everyone. You can't go wrong with pillows specifically designed with ergonomics in mind. Do you prefer soft or firm bed pillows? Consider that preference when looking at the filling, fabric, and overall shape of your prospective bath pillow purchase. And if you're looking for even more cushioning, you should definitely think about a full-body model that extends the length of the tub.

2. Safety

Make sure the pillow has a way to attach to the tub's side — most often via suction. Double check that it's properly stuck before putting your full body weight on it.

3. Material

Bath pillows are either made from a quick-drying material or a water-resistant one. Mesh is a very popular option for good airflow and easy drying. It's light, breathable, and plush. Opt for a fully waterproof material if you're looking for something that repels water droplets entirely.

4. Tub Type

While most bath pillows have a universal design and can easily connect to both tubs and jacuzzis, it's important to double-check before making your purchase.

5. Longevity of Bath Pillows

Hang your bath pillow after each use to ensure it dries completely and remains fresh. No one likes mildew!

6. Cleaning Bath Pillows

Always check the label before your first wash. Many models are machine washable for ultimate convenience. Otherwise, they can easily be hand-washed.