These Inspired Makeup Organization Ideas Will Get Your Glow-Up Going

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Whether we're working from home or not, we all tend to enjoy putting on a face before facing the world virtually and in person. That's why keeping your cosmetics sorted and streamlined is a must. It doesn't have to be a super big fuss, though. There are tons of makeup organizers out there, so you'll want to take into consideration how well they complement your decor and how many lipsticks and powders you need to fit into a drawer. Here are some smart makeup organizer ideas that will keep your foundation easy to find and give you peace of mind.


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1. Don't skimp on baskets.

Find a stylish basket that can fit all of your beauty products and more. It will keep your makeup in one place and can be placed on your vanity, inside a drawer, or on top of a dresser. You can even take a lid from another basket, flip it over, and presto — you've got the perfect spot for all your awkwardly sized necessities.


2. Use that space under the sink.

Find a makeup organizer that works for all your cosmetics like this handy, stackable wood option. Then store it in a specific spot, like under your sink, and you'll be able to pull it out whenever you're ready to do your face.


3. Work with what you have.

From ceramic cups to mason jars, most of us already have the perfect makeup organizers right at home. These oldschool canisters work great for glosses and puffs, and cute pottery is perfect for lipgloss and balms. You could even repurpse an old candle vessel (we're talking about that old Diptyque jar you can't bear to throw away) for brushes.


4. Get some dividers.

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Many of us dedicate a drawer to our makeup, or at least the overflow of items that we don't want on display. So to keep things from getting too cluttered and cumbersome, buy a few simple drawer dividers for some serious beauty fave organization.


5. Put a tray to the test.

If you're a fan of keeping your makeup in full view, try placing all of your stuff on a chic tray for a stylish display. You can move it around whenever you need the space, and it'll keep you conscious of how well you organize your cosmetics since everyone will be able to see them on the regular.


6. Try something two-tiered.

If you're limited on space, try something with two tiers for your makeup. This smart solution from Target fits just about anywhere and will keep things easy to find and streamlined. Lipsticks can go on the top while foundations, powders, and mascaras will fit easily below.


7. Don't forget your door.

Want another smart solution for makeup organization for when you don't really have a ton of space? Try a chic shelf that can be hung on a door in your dressing area or bathroom. You can add bins and brush holders, too.


8. Add stackable drawers.

If you want to keep your makeup close but don't want it all out there for everyone to see, pick up some stackable storage. You can use the inside drawers for shadows, mascara, and such. Then place your beauty essentials on top. If you need more storage, you can easily stack another drawer without giving up space.


9. Stylize how you organize.

Try out some super specific makeup organizers that tie into your style. This brass-finished lipstick holder from Anthropologie has a vintage vibe and would look pretty on any vanity. Plus, it'll keep all your shades in one place when you're ready to apply.


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