10 Minimalist Bathroom Accessories to Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

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Ask any minimalist design fan and they'll tell you the same: Decorating a bathroom can be tricky. Not only do minimalists have simple, functional accessories to worry about, they have the added task of keeping clutter down in a bathroom.


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To help inspire your own minimalist bathroom design, we searched the web high and low and rounded up some of the sleekest yet functional decor items we could find. From cement soap dispensers to marble trash cans, scroll down for 10 bathroom accessories any minimalist would love.

1. Keep it clean.

Nothing elevates a bathroom sink like a clean-lined soap dispenser. This softly rounded silicone stunner looks simple but modern at the same time.


Get the look: Sono Soap Dispenser, $32

2. Upgrade your bathtub.

Searching for a goof-proof way to turn your bathtub into a sanctuary? This teak wood bath caddy has rustic live edges that will make your next bath feel more like a spa day.


Get the look: Live Edge Wood Bath Caddy, $79.95

3. Simple lines FTW.

If you thought there was no such thing as a sleek toilet paper holder, then think again. This minimalist toilet paper holder is composed of oak and brass and brings instant sophistication to any style of bathroom.


Get the look: Toilet Paper Holder, Brass, $35

4. Employ a pretty trash can.

Why waste space on an okay-looking bathroom trash can when you can have an attractive one instead? This compact marble-finished wastebasket is small enough to squeeze under your sink and will only set you back about 12 bucks.


Get the look: Marble Trash Can, $12

5. Streamline the space with a towel ladder.

The only thing better than a stylish towel rack is one that provides extra storage space, too. This minimalist towel ladder is made of matte black iron and holds everything from hand towels to air-drying laundry.


Get the look: Jackson Black Towel Ladder, $199.95

6. Find an attractive toilet brush.

Toilet brushes: can't live without them, but can't stand to look at them either. Luckily, this wall-mounted toilet brush comes in a chic powder-coated steel container that you won't mind showing off in plain sight.


Get the look: Bath Toilet Brush, $79.96

7. Floating shelves work wonders.

Looking for a stylish way to score more bathroom storage? This savvy wall-mounted shelving boasts two tiers of storage room and doesn't take up an inch of floor space.


Get the look: Yadiel 2-Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves, $92.99

8. Multifunctional matters.

Prefer your toilet accessories with a little more oomph? This sophisticated toilet paper stand features a powder-coated steel finish and a built-in toilet brush to boot.

Get the look: Blomus Modern Black Toilet Paper Butler Stand + Toilet Brush, $254

9. Incorporate natural elements.

A little texture goes a long way in a minimalist style bathroom. This swanky set of four cement bath accessories includes a toothbrush holder, soap pump, and two storage trays that bring a touch of organic flair to your bathroom sink.

Get the look: Metro Cement Bath Accessories, Set of 4, $69

10. Consider a wood bath mat.

An elegant bath mat can elevate the ambience of your bathroom in no time. This handcrafted bath mat is constructed of Japanese hinoki wood that releases a naturally aromatic scent when wet—so your entire bathroom will look and smell like a sanctuary.

Get the look: Hinoki Wood Bath Mat, $155