10 Cooling Beauty and Bath Products to Help You Chill Out

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

Whether you're suffering from a lack of A/C, or just struggling to keep cool in summer temps, a cooling pick-me-up from the beauty department can make a bit of a difference. These body and skincare products all offer cooling effects — as well as tons of other benefits as well.


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Smudge this caffeine- and seawater-infused stick over temples and under-eyes when you need a midday refresh.

Care to make a cold shower even colder? This minty shampoo produces a cooling tingle as you suds up.

Something about the words "cooling" and "jelly" feels weirdly soothing. This jelly-like conditioner combines peppermint, tea tree, and spearmint oils to create an invigorating, cooling feel on the scalp.

Perfect for cooling down after a walk or if you're in between showers, these wipes contain menthol, aloe, and jojoba that provide a "chilling blast" as you wipe them over your your face or body.


Scandinavian spas revolve around alternating hot/cold experiences, and this mask is inspired by a "cold plunge" at the spa. It also uses alpine willow herb and snow lotus to soothe skin.

If jelly conditioner intrigued you, then chances are you'll be just as interested in a cooling gel conditioner. This one is enriched with menthol, which will give you the tingles.

If you've had a particularly sweaty day, this "armachillo" (tee hee) soap is sure to refresh thanks to its menthol formula.

Pop these into the fridge or a glass of cold water, then rub them all over your face to de-puff and get some heat relief.


If your night cream currently leaves your pores feeling suffocated, try swapping it for this cooling gel, which goes on cool to the touch and is ultra-moisturizing.

We were captivated by this product's description alone: "Like a Northern Wisconsin blizzard, this exfoliating scrub delivers a chilling effect so bracing, it feels like you're streaking across [a football field] in December." The active ingredients? Menthol, caffeine, and aloe vera.


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