7 Industrial Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Make Even the Smallest Spaces Feel Organized

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Thinking about an industrial design for your bathroom? Here's something you might not have considered yet: When you choose an interior style for your washroom, it's important to maintain the aesthetic throughout. From the paint color choice and the flooring, right through to the medicine cabinet and decor, there's a lot that goes into a cohesive scheme. It's all about high-quality final touches, and choosing the right organizational tools can often make or break a room. Don't lose track of the vision, and get right to it with these industrial bathroom storage ideas.


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1. Try a wooden vanity for additional storage.

Natural materials such as wood, concrete, and metal are key to creating an industrial style, especially when you're working with a washroom. Want to know the obvious way to add these features while also maximizing storage? Take a look at the vanity in this space designed by Magnolia's Joanna Gaines. Retro meets modern with this upcycled dresser, and the wall-mounted bathroom shelf above is a nice touch.

2. Clear the floor.

No one likes the look of towels on the floor, so make sure your bathroom has plenty of hooks ready and waiting. This modern industrial washroom designed by Ashley of Cherished Bliss features a storage nook complete with shelving and metal hooks for everyday essentials and toiletries.

3. Upcycle a cabinet.

If your bathroom is large enough, bring in a storage cabinet. It will be perfect for holding folded towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products. Plus, it needn't be an expensive storage solution. Search your local reclamation yard or thrift store for a freestanding bathroom cabinet that fits, and paint it the color of your choice.


4. Incorporate a wire storage unit.

Need a space saver in a tight bathroom? A tall and narrow storage tower will do the trick. Try one with a rust-resistant metal frame to bring in some extra texture. It'll look especially great against a rustic wall.

5. Work with wood shelves.

Add open shelves for an easy way to create industrial storage in your bathroom. Simply pop some metal wall brackets above your commode, and add rustic wooden planks. Jessica Sara Morris styled hers with a wicker basket (that can double as a toilet paper holder), white folded towels, and a plant for good measure.

6. Embrace open storage.

This DIY bathroom vanity from Liz of Within the Grove is the perfect compromise if you need more space but want to keep it freestanding. The unit features an open storage shelf that works well for items that require easy access.

7. Maximize every inch.

Every inch counts when it comes to storage! Make like Lindi and Russel of Love Celebrate Create for an industrial bathroom that features clever organization solutions throughout. The half wall between the toilet and the shower has recessed shelving for corralling toilet paper and those all-important magazines.


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