The 15 Most Important Bathroom Cleaner Supplies to Keep Your Washroom Clean

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Every other week, your bathroom needs a deep cleaning to look extra shiny and sparkling clean. Having all the bathroom cleaning supplies you need to keep it fresh and sparkling is key to helping you get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom. If you don't know where to start, keep reading for the ultimate list of bathroom cleaning supplies to keep your washroom clean once and for all.


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What Do You Need to Clean a Bathroom?

Bathrooms require less frequent cleaning, but they still need some TLC. Because you're dealing with different surfaces, you really need to get various cleaning supplies to help you get rid of grime, disinfect surfaces, and protect from things like mildew and mold. While there's a lot you need to clean a bathroom, here are some essentials to consider:


The 15 Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

A squeaky clean bathroom is truly a thing of beauty. But a bathroom is just a bathroom, and even the neatest clean freaks will have to deal with dirt, grime, and rust. This is where cult-favorite products come in handy. We scoured the internet for the best bathroom cleaning products — their quality measured by the amount of cult-like five-star reviews. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


If we're talking about essentials, this Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is a must-have in every bathroom in the house. The angled bottle makes it easy to tackle hard-to-reach areas, helping you leave every toilet deodorized and disinfected. Plus, unlike other toilet cleaners out there, you can flush this one and still get all the disinfectant benefits, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria.


Power tools don't usually come to mind when we think of clean bathrooms, but after reading nearly 3,000 reviews, we wonder why it wasn't invented sooner. This three-piece power scrub brush kit is designed to cut your cleaning and scrubbing time in half or more, as it eliminates the rigorous effort required in hand scrubbing. Note: the drill is not included, but all three heads fit on most power drills.


When it comes to wiping and cleaning surfaces in your bathroom, these microfiber cleaning cloths are grade A. Each towel absorbs eight times its weight in water and dries in half the time of standard towels. Plus, they can be washed and reused hundreds of times, allowing you to reduce waste and save money.


These eraser sponges actually make cleaning fun. Made with premium quality melamine foam, Oh My Clean's extra-dense sponges easily remove tough dirt and grime. These are multi-surface sponges you can use literally everywhere. Use them to touch up splashes on the wall, get rid of soap buildup in the shower, and give the bathtub floor a quick refresh. These sponges can even work on baseboards and vanities.


This is just what you need if you want a sparkling clean bathroom that smells super fresh. Armed with this cleaner in your hands, over 8,000 fans swear you'll have no problem disinfecting surfaces and killing germs. The cleanser and bleach mix is great to clean, disinfect, and deodorize any surface. The original scent also covers the bleach scent and leaves your home smelling fresh.


These all-purpose antibacterial wipes are the GOAT. Throw them under the sink to quickly remove common allergens, germs, and messes found on bathroom surfaces. They can be used for that last-minute bathroom (or any surface) cleaning session. They're also excellent to have around for spills or daily cleanups.

Get rid of those pesky and unsightly toilet bowl rings quickly and easily with this 100% natural pumice toilet bowl scrubber. Use it on toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and even porcelain vanities to remove dirt stains. It's super easy to use, and you don't need to add any chemicals or other products to get it to work.

This is what you need if you're tired of climbing, crouching, or kneeling when cleaning your bathroom. The tile scrubber also allows you to get into tight corners and angles, thanks to its unique shape. The antimicrobial head is abrasive for deep cleaning and retains water to help you with rinsing. Perfect for the tub and shower bathroom that can get dirty rather quickly.

Let's be real, this is no one's favorite task — but this drain snake makes it a little more bearable. The flexible 23.6-inch barbed wand can grab and remove clustered hair and other obstructions quickly and easily. It works as well for the shower as it works for the sink. Not to mention, you can finally forget all about using toxic chemicals down the drain.

Leave your bathroom smelling zesty and fresh with Puracy's plant-based all-purpose cleaner. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it's safe for everyone in the home, including children and pets. The green tea and lime scent will keep your bathroom fresh all the time. Spray it over your walls, countertops, sink, and toilet; this multi-surface cleaner is great to have in your cleaning caddy selection.

No matter how many cleaning products you use in your bathroom, turning your grout to look like it once did seems like mission impossible. This grout cleaner gives you a deep cleaner and stain removing mixture that tackles even the dirtiest grouts. It works well on colored and white grout, and we think it can work even better if you use it with the DrillBrush we mentioned earlier.

Let your mirror sparkle again and get rid of soap scum, hard water, and rust stains with this glass and shower cleaner. Just spray it over the mirror and remove it with a paper towel. It has a sheeting action to prevent buildup and keep your mirror sparkling clean for longer. It also works to keep your shower glass fog-free for up to a week.

To keep your drain pipes clear and odor-free, these Sani Sticks are the easiest monthly cleaning product you'll ever use. As a sink cleaner, you throw these sticks down the drain and let them do their job. These come with a lemon scent to keep your pipes smelling fresh and keep foul odors at bay. Don't worry; you don't have to take these out; they'll gradually break down until it's time to place in another one.

Every bathroom needs a toilet brush handy. Here's one that you won't have to hide away and bring to the bathroom when needed. With a faux marble holder, this is a must-have for your guest bathroom. It keeps the brush hidden and ready to use when needed. If you want an expert's tip, we recommend adding a few drops of essential oils and a bit of toilet cleaner to keep the brush smelling fresh and disinfected.

Of course, this list wouldn't be completed without the perfect pair of cleaning gloves. Even if you're using natural cleaning products, ingredients like lemon oils and vinegar can be too drying to the skin in your hands and still cause sensitivity. Protect your hands and get ready to tackle all the dirt in your bathroom with a pair of cute cleaning gloves.