14 Genius Ways to Put IKEA's Fabrikör Cabinet to Use

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IKEA's Fabrikör cabinet is a favorite of design enthusiasts. Not only does the glass cabinet come in a variety of hues (navy, gray, white, black, and pale yellow and green), but it has two size options — either a single tower or the double-wide, as seen above (although we'd argue the double is a better value as both models cost the same at $169). This makes it an ideal setting for so many useful applications in your home — ranging from the purely aesthetic (​Star Wars​ collectibles case) to the highly functional (extra bathroom storage). Here are all the ways people put the Fabrikör to use in their homes:


1. Hack it into a hamster playground.

2. Keep important paperwork organized with colorful binders.

3. No bathroom storage? Use a Fabrikör cabinet to store towels and toiletries.

4. And if you also don't have a linen closet — voilà!

5. Lots of people use the Fabrikör to display their memorabilia or collections.

6. Create an artful display of ceramics. This works especially well if you've got a monochromatic collection.

8. Into sewing/knitting/crafting? The Fabrikör keeps everything organized and easy to find.

9. The glass siding of the Fabrikör makes it a perfect environment to create an outdoor greenhouse ...

11. If you don't already own a couple vintage typewriters, now feels like the time ...

12. Put two Fabrikör cabinets together to create a dining room sideboard.

13. Come holiday time, you can keep your mini-tree on display ... and safe from feline companions.

14. Hats off to this Instagrammer who figured out a safe and attractive way to display their accessories.

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