15 Baskets That Are Total Storage Porn

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It often feels like there is no such thing as "too much storage," which is why we're always on the lookout for amazing baskets, bins, and boxes. As of right now, we're specifically adoring storage baskets, which can come off as more distinctive and personal due to their weaved, natural appearances. Here are a few of our favorites, which play with color, material, and shape in impressive ways.

If you buy a basket in every size, you can nest them inside each other, making this the Russian doll of storage.

We're smitten with the inner black color on this basket, which beautifully contrasts the light-toned exterior.

If we had an extra $160 lying around, we'd spend it on this mixed material beauty.

We love a storage basket in non-traditional (aka not neutral) colors.

This basket might have been designed with kids in mind, but we're still fawning over its teal velvet fabric.

Designed and weaved in Brooklyn, New York, this handcrafted basket isn't afraid to play with vibrant colors.

The thick weave on this basket makes for such a unique, dynamic surface.

These baskets — which can be hung! — are what bathroom storage dreams are made of.

Handmade by a women's weaving cooperative in Kenya, these pink and yellow baskets are each one of a kind.

We can't stop thinking about this color palette of purples and neutrals.

If you're looking for a basket with a bit more structure, the Lustigkurre has got you covered. It also fits inside IKEA's Kallax shelf units.

This entire basket is made out of a gray fabric, and we're delighting in the texture it creates.

Featuring coral and white seagrass, this basket was made for storing mail, remotes, a potted plant, or yarn!

The petal motif on this basket creates a seriously perfect shape.

You just can't go wrong with a chic black basket, no matter what room of the house you're in.

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