11 IKEA Storage Options Under $10

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Not to point fingers at a certain organization retail conglomerate (you know the one; we all love it), but that place is pretty dang pricey. Especially when it comes to organization, shouldn't it feel like you're somehow also being cost-effective in your solutions? There's just something about spending hundreds on (admittedly gorgeous) clear plastic containers that doesn't sit right. That's where IKEA can help out — they've got plenty of storage options that aren't $$. Check out these under-$10 picks:


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Pudda Basket, $9.99

Add these handsome felt baskets to open shelving to decrease clutter, or add to a bathroom countertop to corral washcloths and hair tools.


Grejig Shoe Rack, $4.99

Trying to get into the habit of taking off your shoes indoors? Add a shoe rack to your entryway — and with IKEA's Grejig, you can do it for under $5.


Kuggis Drawer Organizer, $7

Make sense of your junk drawer with these affordable compartment pallets.


Snygging Vertical Rack, $4.99

A vertical rack may be just the storage solution you're looking for if you're short on wall space.


Purrpingla Storage Basket, $1.49

For the teeniest bathrooms or small office situations, all you need are some wall hooks and a few of these compact hanging storage bags to free up counter/desk space.


Lustigt Wall Shelf, $7.99

Yes, you will find this quirky piece in IKEA's kids' section. Just leave the ladders off if you want to make the unit look less playful.


Rejsa Box, $6.99

This metal box is one of IKEA's sleeker storage options and will fit right in with your modern or industrial office.


Anilinare Storage Tin, $5.99

The uses for these are endless: cotton swabs, spices, office supplies. You choose!

Tisken Hook (2-pack), $4.99

Heads up, renters: Place the suction hooks on any glass or tile surface to avoid drilling holes.

Tjog Magazine File (2-pack), $4.99

Keep old magazines, random papers, or even your taxes looking orderly with these beyond affordable magazine files.

Tjena Desk Organizer, $4.99

A good old desk organizer never hurt anyone — especially one that costs a mere $5.