This Clever Dollar Tree Hack Creates Easy Summer Storage

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Is there anything more satisfying than an easy and affordable storage solution? Probably not. We're always on the hunt for creative ideas — so when we saw @jaymuneeediy's summer storage solution on TikTok, we just had to share it.


Basically, you'll need a broomstick handle and two over-the-door hanging racks from Dollar Tree (or your favorite discount retailer). Simply attach one rack to each end of the broomstick using zip ties, then trim the excess zip tie material. Once you place both racks on the edge of your fence, you'll be able to hang things like wet towels and floaties. So clever.

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"This is smart!" said users on TikTok. "I wish I had seen this hack earlier. My husband just spent $40 on fence hooks for the pool stuff," noted another person. (For context, this Dollar Tree project will set you back about $3 to $4, so it's definitely budget-friendly.)


Needless to say, if you have little kids or a pool, this storage hack is certainly worth recreating. To find the nearest Dollar Tree near you, use the brand's store locator tool.


Other ways to use this Dollar Tree storage hack:

Of course, @jaymuneediy's brilliant DIY project isn't just for pool items. We can see this being useful for gardening supplies and random objects in a garage. You could even spray paint the storage rack so that it matches your existing decor.


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