This TikTok Towel Hack Is for the Bathrooms With Zero Storage

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When it comes to organizing our towels, we are always looking for fresh ideas. That's why we're especially smitten with a viral TikTok towel folding video that has accrued over 27 million views. It's also just plain soothing to watch.


Published by user @thefoldinglady, the TikTok shows a towel being turned into a tidy roll with a crisp flap holding it in place. Here's how she makes it happen: Place the towel vertically in front of you. Fold about two inches of the bottom underneath the towel. Then, fold the left and right sides of the towel in toward the middle.

Once you have your folds down, you're ready to roll (literally). From the top to the bottom of the towel, roll it up. Then, pull the open flap over the towel roll so that it keeps everything in place.

You can watch the entire folding masterpiece here.

This hack would be especially beneficial for people with small bathrooms that lack storage. You could even arrange your rolled towels in a cute basket so that you can free up the storage space you do have.


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