Some bath towels are quite expensive and you may purchase them only for display purposes. Hanging your bathroom towels decoratively is a great way to display them in your guest bathroom or any time you want to hang your plush towels in a fancy manner. Folding your towels decoratively will make your family, guests or friends feel pampered, as if they are in an elegant hotel suite.


Fold a large bath towel into thirds lengthwise and hang it over your bathroom towel rod.

Grab a coordinating hand towel and lay it tag side down onto a flat surface.

Fold the bottom portion of the hand towel approximately two thirds of the way up.

Turn the hand towel over and fold the left and right side in facing toward each other. The two sides should meet in the middle and slightly overlap, so that you can tuck one side into the other.

Tuck the right portion of the hand towel into the left portion.

Turn the hand towel back over and you will see you have created a lovely pocket. Hang it onto the towel rod over the large bath towel.

Place a coordinating washcloth onto a flat surface with the tag side up. Fold it into an accordion style, making about 1-inch folds over and under each other.

Leaving the accordion folds intact, fold the washcloth in half and tuck it into the pocket of the hand towel. Fan out the top edges.