This Ice Cube Trick Will Remove Wrinkles From Your Clothes

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We've all been disappointed by wrinkled clothing, especially when we're rushing around and have somewhere to be. Normally, you'd have to remove the wrinkles with an iron or a steamer, but that can take up precious time and energy you don't have. Plus, no one wants to get out an iron and ironing board just for one piece of wrinkled clothing (especially during the hot summer months).


Fortunately, thanks to Totally The Bomb, we discovered a laundry hack that will keep wrinkles at bay. Turns out, if you throw a few ice cubes in the dryer with a wrinkled item of clothing, the ice cubes will melt and turn into steam, which will get the wrinkles out of your clothes. It's way easier and less time-consuming than other wrinkle removal methods. Plus, it doesn't cost you anything extra.


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However, if you're concerned about water sloshing around in your dryer, Reddit user @ploggle has a genius recommendation. They wrote, "I use this trick all the time with a damp washcloth instead of ice cubes." Some people will also use a wet towel to accomplish this, but a washcloth is much simpler to work with and doesn't involve you having to soak an entire towel in water.

Does the ice cube hack actually work?

Writer Margeaux Baulch Klein at Simplemost put the ice cube wrinkle hack to the test. What she discovered is that it's all about the timing. "Overall, my clothing and pillowcase did come out somewhat less wrinkled after drying them for about 20 minutes on high with ice cubes," she explained, adding that she feels the hack was a success.


How else can you remove wrinkles from clothes?

In addition to using the ice cube trick, an iron, or a steamer, you can also purchase a wrinkle releaser spray. By spraying this product on your clothing and tugging at the fabric, the wrinkles will release. You can even try using vinegar to do the same thing.



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