How to Remove Hemming Tape Residue

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Hemming tape makes it easy to hem pants and skirts without any special skills or even a needle and thread. But this double-sided, iron-on adhesive is designed to permanently bond to fabric. It might not be a good solution for a pants hem that you plan to let down or adjust later. Attempting to remove Wonderweb or other hemming tape could leave a sticky residue on the fabric.


Can Hemming Tape Be Removed?

Removing hemming tape is not recommended. Tape residue will likely remain on the fabric even if you can remove the fusible interfacing. Still, if you have already removed the tape, you might be able to remove some of the tape residue. Your success could depend on the stickiness of the hemming tape and how long it has been bonded to the fabric.


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How to Remove Hemming Tape Residue

You can attempt to remove hemming tape residue in the same way you would remove fabric tape from fabric.

Step 1: Lay the Clothing Item Flat on an Ironing Board

Whether you're removing hemming tape residue from a skirt, dress, or pair of pants, you must lay the fabric on an ironing board or other heat-resistant surface. Pull the area with adhesive tight so that it lies flat.


Step 2: Get the Iron Ready

Plug in and turn on the iron. Set it to medium heat with no steam — the same setting initially used to soften the hemming tape adhesive so that it would bond to the fabric.

Step 3: Use Heat to Melt the Adhesive Residue

Place a paper towel on top of the residue you want to remove. Iron directly over the paper towel, applying firm pressure as you move the iron around the area for a few seconds. If the process works, the adhesive will begin loosening and sticking to the paper towel or cloth rather than the fabric.


Step 4: Put Away the Iron and Paper Towel

Turn off the iron once you've soaked up as much excess adhesive as possible. Discard the paper towel.

Step 5: Apply Adhesive Remover

Apply an adhesive remover spray to any remaining adhesive.

Step 6: Blot With a Cloth

Dab the area with a clean cotton cloth to soak up excess adhesive remover.


Step 7: Launder the Clothing as Directed

Launder the clothing item according to the care tag instructions. Be sure to wash the item on its own to avoid getting the adhesive remover on other clothing.



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